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I stumbled on this influence map last night and thought I could share the things that inspire my works...
I want to point out that I'm more imto trying new styles currently and it makes it quite difficult to stick to a particular style or a theme. The list below is more one of things that either influenced my early works or that I like seeing in them, although they don't come up often in some of my recent works.

1. 1980's anime : I grew up on a diet of anime and they simply got me into drawing. Among my childhood favourites - Ulysses 31 (picture), Saint Seiya,...
Main influences: The base of my drawing and visual style, and also of some other influences listed below.

2. CLAMP / Yuu Watase / Kaori Yuki - Their stunning illustrations influenced my works in the late 90's and early 00's. However, I grew tired of the "big-starry-eyes-tiny-nose-noodle-legs" combination and have been working towards a more realistic drawing style since I came back to drawing.
Main influences: The general visual style (composition, clothing, poses, hairstyle), and the way Yuki draws angel wings.

3. Mythology : Actually, some of my childhood anime got me interested in mythology - greco-roman to start with. Since then, I've never visited a country without learning about its folklore.
Main influences: The choice of themes, characters and storyline (when writing) of most of my works.

4. Gothic / Punk : I don't really describe myself as a Goth or a Punk but I love everything about Gothic - the music, the film, the look - and even more when there's a punk element to it.
Punk has also been my favourite music genre a couple of years ago - I just love the raw energy of it.
Main influences: The choice of theme, moods, characters (vampires, werewolves...), clothing, colours (black, purple, red)... Punk also inspired me to put more movement and strong emotions in my works.

5. Frank Miller: One huge stylistic influence since the Sin City movie came out in 2005.
Main influences: The strong black and white contrasts, the minimalist drawing style and limited use of colours. Miller's style also helped me determine Red Hot Moon's visual style. And there's this drawing too.

6. White Wolf's World of Darkness: Tabletop role playing games, especially Mage : The Ascension, have been instrumental in getting me into urban fantasy - and back into drawing.
Main influences: The influence has been more thematic than stylistic, as I enjoy drawing characters I or other people created for WOD games. It also influences the mood and atmosphere of my works in the same way the gothic and punk cultures does.

7. Ireland : an obvious one - especially in my photographs.
Main influences: Irish landscapes and music have been the subject of most of my photographs and some of the pictures I took in Ireland (and England) have been used as background.

8. Natural / Grunge textures: another obvious one since 2008. I've been building my own stock of textures since then.
Main influences: I've used them mainly as background to give my graphics a more organic feel.

9. Expressionist art: I remember we spent a whole trimester on expressionist art (painting, poetry, film...) in german class back in highschool and I was fascinated. I recently re-discovered it thanks to Tim Burton movies.
Main influences: the importance I give to emotions and face expressions and how the whole atmosphere of the drawing should reflect it. Probably the use of garish colours and the strong contrasts. Maybe this speed painting I made of an OC of mine - though it's not abstract enough to be qualified as expressionist.

10. Western Comics: I read a lot of western comics (The Sandman, Preacher, Sin City, The Umbrella Academy, Wolverine, Watchmen and other Allan Moore comics) - even more of them than mangas during the last 5 years and their influence has become visible on my works.
Main influences: the way I ink and colour digitally, the character design (which I wanted to be less manga-ish anyway), the comic layout...

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