Artemis a.k.a. Diana Picture

This is a drawing that I did for an art competition that my language teacher is holding. The person is supposed to be Artemis from Greek mythology, also known as Diana in her Roman counterpart. Her symbols are silver arrows, bows, stags, and the cresent moon. She is the goddess of the moon and hunting. The drawing was first done in pencil, the outlined with a pen, and coloured in oil pastels. The pastels are ridiculously hard to get off of your hands but do give the colouring some awsome colouring. I can't really change any of it now because I have to hand in the original tomorrow and the teacher gets to keep it, I have a copy and a scanned version though, but tips on how to improve it are still very welcome. I will update to say how I did in the competition. Scanning this ruined the colouring though, just so you know.
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