InCaRnAtE: Werwulf Picture

Part 4 of my comissions for the InCaRnAtE Project.

Here is the Werwulf, a medeival monster that has carried over into our modern traditions with very little change to its mythology (I know, it's shocking!).
Werwulf is the Old English spelling, meaning "beast-man" ("wer" = man, "wulf" = any canine creature, normally referring to a wolf)
The werwulf shares almost all it's mythology with the Vrykolakas (their names even mean roughly the same thing; "vrykolakas" = "wolf-haired"). The only major difference is that while the vrykolakas is simply an undead creature who controls wolves, the werwulf actually becomes a wolf at night.
Also, they are both notoriously carnivorous, as evidenced by our poor prey, the bunny at the bottom of the pic...
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