Greek Goddess-Artemis Picture

In my mythology class we had to draw a greek god or goddess. Well since I know for the final I'm dressing as my all time favorite greek goddess Athene, goddess of wisdom, I decided to draw my second favorite Artemis. I had to add my favorite constelation because she is connected to his myth. Orion is floating there in the background! If you didn't know Artemis is the Goddess of the hunt and the moon(in later greek and roman mythology in Roman she is called Diana). She took a vow of chastity. She almost broke the vow when she fell in love with a man named Orion. Orion was swimming to get away from something when Apollo, Artemis' twin, tricked her into shooting him with her silver bow. Well when she realized who it was she killed she set him amongst the stars. She also has hound that she got from a goat god named Pan. I drew one sitting next to her howling at the moon.
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