Dandelion Clocks- Phee's App Picture

A S L E E P:

Goes By:  Psyche
Dream Age: twenty
 Dream Gender/Sex: Female
Dream Height: 5'3"
Weapon: illuminati magical staff- allows her to effect the mass/ weight of things around her within a three foot radius, including herself. 
Personality: Don't let her cute appearance fool you, Psyche is a firecraker with a short fuse. Childish at best, a selfish brat at worst. Likes to pretend she's a team player. 


A W A K E:

Name: Phipher (prefers to be called Phee) Cadenza
Age: twenty
Gender/Sex: Female
Height: 5'3"
Personality: A mousy girl who keeps to herself, she'll rarely speak out if someone wrongs her. Introverted, socialy innept, but has a big heart for others. Also a hopeless romantic. 
History: Phee grew up in a house where her father was king and everyone else were his serfs. She was always taught that children were seen but never heard, and any means to defend herself were met with a smack to the mouth or some other form of punishment. Even after moving out of her parents' house she still finds herself unable to stick up for herself where she really should. Instead she retreats into her passions for literature and Greek mythology to comfort herself. She currently works as a cashier at the comic book store.


Notes: [Psyche's skin tone is pink not flesh color I promise.
In Greek mythology cyclopes are said to be strong giants with foul dispositions, and with all her pent up anger at not being able to protect herself in the real world it's kind of obvious why her subcioncious mind decided to turn her into a creature known to vent its frustrations in a violent manner. Her "magical girl" get-up stems from her childhood love of Sailor Moon, who is also one of her secret heroes. She chose the name Psyche because she some day wishes to be as brave as the girl from the legends. 
Dress reference: suicideblonde.tumblr.com/post/…

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