Himneskur Map Picture

Okay, info time.

This land actually is bigger than it looks. It's about as big as Asia.


Ragged Sea Tribe - The pink highlighted area.
Whispering Canyons Tribe - The blue highlighted area.
Moon Fire Tribe - Purple highlighted area.
Northern Winds Tribe - Unknown
No Man Land - Red highlighted area.
Death Keeper/Portal Entrance - The grey land near No man land and Whispering Canyons.

More Information about the Land/Tribes:

- The Cherry Blossom Tree (in the Moon Fire Territory) is known as the Mother Tree. (See to Mythology to seek more inofromation on why)
- The portal near the Deather Keeper's home is the portal to all dimensions.
- The Moon Fire Tribe is in charge of caring for the Mother Tree.

(More info shall be added)
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