Descent to Endymion Picture

Acrylic on canvas for Art IB...the original is huge, and it killed me to do it! x_x

This depicts perhaps one of the earliest cases where there is a dilemma borne of love between a mortal and a god. Selene, reclusive moon goddess falls deeply in love with Endymion, a king or maybe a shepherd, depending on the version of the myth. Doomed to perish with age, Selene decides to enchant him into a state of eternal but youthful sleep so that he would never age. This is the moment of her decision, and the figure in the back is Hypnos, god of sleep, depicted sometimes with a winged head. Again, depending on the myth's variations, Hypnos does the deed...or, there is no Selene at all, and it is actually Hypnos who falls in love with Endymion.

Regardless, the crescent moon is her symbol, and the broken columns indicate ruin, and also hints at the myth's sexual nature.
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