Sweet Thief Picture

An illustration of the wife, Zang E, the divine archer YI. Thats why she is caring a bow with her(just thought it would be appropriate). I have not added a background yet but I think I'll make it night. The basic boring version of this story is that she stole elixir of immortality. If she shared it with her husband they would live a very long life together but she decided to steel it instead so she could live forever and fled to the moon. there are a few other versions of this Chinese story. I am really proud of how her clothing came out, its not perfect but I still really like it. I should say that i used the illustration for a huge reference because I was on the rode and I wanted to be some what accurate and not start mixing Chinese and Japanese cultures. It is very rude and i know people to do like it.

p.s. she is the moon goddess ^_^
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