New Character Files #023: Manothlos Picture

Name: Manothlos
Gender: ???
Species: ???
Kayfabe History: Manothlos is a creature that according to many, is a fictional character who was made up just to blame specific groups for tragedies. Manothlos's existence is mainly believed by Earth-Human hating Dowean Humans, who were raised in the fear of Mansmarkers and later the Weird Gang. Manothlos originates from a belief that if Dowean Human tears a hole in the "bubble" that keeps Thysqahrtouofsitte a habitable world inside Cyberspace, Manothlos will come out and destroy all life in there. Legend was actually created by The Spear of Positivicus to make sure Dowean Humans wouldn't go over their boundaries.

Over the years Manothlos's physical look has changed, it was never specified in original legend what Manothlos looked like, so he was thought as an destructive dragon. Later, during the era of Mansmarkers, it became a humanoid necromancer-like being with lizard-like skin. Manothlos was supposedly a corrupted Dowean Human who had cut his own nose and inserted a mask that covers everything below his eyes. In some tales, he's hiding in the moon. People like The Unspoken One and Dave Broz Tito have been accused of being Manothlos's impersonification, but most of younger Dowean Humans don't believe in the tale anymore.

However, fellow detective Faue LaZanche, who's not Dowean Human, believes into existence of Manothlos and was responsible for letting Danny F. Pibblemann to Thysqahrtouofsitte, and he's pretty much Yiffia's mysterious leader.
Shoot History: Manothlos is a Dowean Mythology character i did for some reason. Also, since it's October, i have plans to start a series with dedicating a drawing to each of my villain OC's, including Manothlos.
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