Darkness-Nocturnal Friends Picture

In fantasy, darkness generally has two sides. It's usually either the source of all evil or just as an opposite to conventional powers and something that is. I chose to go with the second interpretation for this picture-night is just as natural as day. Yes, she is a vampire. No, she's not going to murder anyone for their blood-she's more interested in playing with her animal friends (the gray blob at the bottom is supposed to be an opossum, but I think I kind of missed the mark). This interpretation makes sense in the context of my story as good or evil can come from any element (the main bad guy is actually a void "elemental"). Minor character, no name. The nine-tailed fox is from Japanese mythology.

On a technical level, I used to be really proud of this piece, but now I see a lot of mistakes. I tried to draw this in a down-facing-upward (really technical term, there) perspective for drama. I probably should have angled the trees in a little more, and I definitely should have shortened the shadows. Also, I tried to make the moon seem to glow and to have everything lit from the back...oh well, practice, practice, practice. Not too bad for a first attempt at this effect?
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