Out of the Rain Pt1 Pg6 Picture

The sixth(and last) page of my "Mythology in Art" project comic(part one, anyway). Admittedly, my scanner isn't the best, so the quality isn't as good as the original. (In this case, the words are easier to read in the original) Maybe I'll be able to fix it later... Also, the style is a lot different from what I normally do, mainly because I was a little less concerned on details(but I'm still a perfectionist who spent way too much time on what I didn't need to), and more concerned on time and making it as funny as possible. I hope you enjoy it as much as the panel did; though, I know it's not the best out there...
Oh, and there eventually will be an official cover, I just don't know what to do for it yet...ideas anyone? (note me for more details)

Another note: I don't know if I will be able to get the next part up yet. I've been plenty busy trying to get stuff done, and honestly I have very little time in my schedule right now. Sorry!
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