#059 SPOOPY Picture

Type: Ghost/ Dark

Ability: Anticipation / Insomnia
Hidden Ability: Levitate

evolutionary line:

Spoopy-> lv 25 -> Vesire -> lv 50 -> ???


Spoopy, the canine spirit. Has wander usual howling at night, close to human civilizations, especially at crossroads of streets or roads. This habit has spurred several legends relating this Pokémon with witchcraft. Some of these legends say that this "flame" increases cade time there is a death. A "call" this Pokémon does not burn and it is cold, cause chills in who sings it. So some think it is actually the soul of this Pokémon. Experiments have shown that the "flame" of Spoopy serves to measure their strength. She usually stays in huge full moon and when he is close to evolve.

base Mythological:

Spoopy is based on ghost dogs (or infernal) followers of the goddess Hecate magic. The hell hounds, in Greek mythology, are described as black colored dogs, announcing the arrival of the goddess Hecate howling at the moon. Not only the infernal dogs, but according to mythology only dogs can see or feel the presence of the goddess of magic. The offerings made to this Goddess is held at crossroads and when made are greeted by howling dogs. A curious fact about this goddess is that she was living in the underworld and its main company's three-headed dog, hellhounds.
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