Etsoan Flag Picture

I designed this flag to represent my country (Etso) when I played Nationstates.

In Etsoan lore, there was a great hero who tricked the moon into getting close enough to the ground to be bound in white-hot chains and captured. The hero negotiated with the moon, in exchange for its freedom it would have to watch over the country and protect its citizens from harm. The moon agreed and thus stood in the sky night and day (hence the dark blue and maroon in the background).

In modern Etso, the myth is recreated in the flag. The dark blue serves as a reference to it's naval might, while the maroon refers to the hard-fought and bloody wars the nation experienced in order to achieve independence. The white-hot chains symbolize Etso's might, bending even the heavens to its will. Finally, the open eye of the moon surrounded by the pitch blackness of night signifies the importance (though others may say dependence) that the nation places into the art of perception and acquisition of knowledge.

For the empire of Etso! Long may it reign!

(Also, it was really fun to make and I still want to get some use out of it even though I stopped playing Nationstates a while ago)
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