Jacy Picture

Her original name in Tupi is îasy, but is also known by Jacy. This goddess is represented by the moon, She is the goddess of the night, magic, reproduction, and protective of plants. According to tradition, Guaraci, the sun god once tired of his eternal office and had to sleep. When he closed his eyes the world fell into darkness. To lighten the darkness while sleeping, Tupã created Jacy, the moon. A goddess so beautiful that when Guaraci awakened by her light, she fell in love with her. And so enchanted, he went back to sleep so he could see her again. But when the sun opened her eyes to admire the moon, everything lit up and she went to sleep, fulfilling her mission. Guaraci then asked Tupã to create Rudá, the god of love and his messenger. Love knew no light or darkness. May unil them at dawn.
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