Celtic senshi design sketch Picture

This is the design for my new otaku senshi group, they have names based on gods/goddesses from Celtic mythology
The two I've chosen so far are Sailor Morrígan and Sailor Rhiannon.

The design is the same for both of the girls, but the colors and hairstyles will vary.
I'm also adding earrings in the final and individual pictures of each of the girls.

They also have a guardian named Aodh, who's design I'll be posting as well.

The skirt design is based on that of Cure Passion, but in the final pictures I'll be adding Celtic designs along the rim of the skirt ^^

The symbol of my senshi is this [link]

anyway, hope you guys like the design, and please look forward to the new pictures of my new otaku senshi ^^

Sailor Morrígan, Rhiannon and Aodh @ me
association with Sailor Moon @ Naoko Takeuchi
Skirt design @ Izumi Todo, Toei Animation
pose from a book by Christopher Hart
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