Habitat Picture

So, It's my first picture in this style and series.

Here we see imagine of the world. Not from some specific mythology actually.

On the top of the world tree we see a Falcon - common way of King Of Gods in many cultures. Just remember Jeus or Rod. On the tree hang Swastika (sign of peace and prosperity) and 12 signs of the Zodiac. All this part of composition mean Heaven.

Lower on the axis of tree trunk located our Earth. It's flat, because... well, in that way he look like more archaic.

At the bottom float the Great Serpent, also he look like a turtle. On his spine lay all the world and in his shell rooted the tree. On his horn hang the nameplate with tetragrammaton "YHWH" what mean "Jehovah", name of jews' god. This part mean Underworld and most Otherworld.

The Serpent float on the Galaxy Milky Way which fall down from vessels of Aquarius. On the left side from swirl emerges Virgo with the moon in her hands. On the right side Uranus holds on his shoulders a planet.
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