Bloody Hell Demo Reverse Cover Picture

This is what appeared on the reverse side of the Bloody Hell demo "Fiddy/Fiddy".

The girl in this picture is the warrior chick that I show in one of my scraps. This is actually the last time I ever drew her with a head dress. That's not to say that there are too many pictures of her without the head dress, because there aren't. This demo was barely in circulation when Bloody Hell broke up, so I never got another major chance to use her. There's probably less than ten pictures of her drawn TOTAL.

The scanner I had really sucked, and it scanned this picture with an extremely red tint, which I couldn't change. I had to sample-out the entire sky and replace it with a completely digital backdrop. That actually worked to my advantage, because in the original drawing on paper, the moon is on the wrong side of the castle. Oops! The new digital moon is now positioned correctly.

The castle is a rip-off of the castle that appears on the album Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow ([link]).

Clive makes yet another appearance here, oogling the warrior babe.

This was one of my last mythologically-themed drawings. After my gig with Bloody Hell was over, I went back to an older project of mine about a female superhero, which is the project I'm doing now.

Two of the original three members of Bloody Hell now play in a band named Desolate Sky. [link]
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