Selene Xenos Picture

Name: Selene Xenos
Age: 16
Home: Solaceon Town; Xenos Family Ranch
Mother: Theia
Father: Hyperion
Sister: Eos
Brother: Helios
Hair color: Black, dark blue sidelocks
Eye color: Grey
Pokemon [on hand]: [F] Altaria - Astris, [F] Flygon - Psamathe, [M/Shiny] Mudkip - Poseidon, [X] Lunatone - Diana, [M/Shiny] Umbreon - Hades, [F] Tauros - Europa
Pokemon [On Ranch]: [F] Bagon - Chua, [M] Garchomp - Samael, [F] Rapidash - Boreas, [M] Ponyta - Balios

Mythology: Selene is the Greek goddess of the Moon, the elder sister of Eos and Helios. Selene is depicted as having black hair, and wearing flowing white robes, and carrying a torch. She often appears riding a bull, or being carted around by a pair of horses, or a pair of dragons, or a yoke of oxen.

For those reasons, I made sure to keep her theme rather simple, her color scheme is pretty easy, hair is dark, clothes are rather light, on her collar is a semi-ancient looking depiction of a crescent moon. Her team consists of a starter, because I like to make sure that all my characters have some form of starter pokemon, an Umbreon, which evolves under the moon, because of her being the moon goddess, a Lunatone, because it IS the moon, Altaria and Flygon, because they are dragon types, Tauros, which she can ride, because it is a bull. On the ranch are several horses, and several more dragon types, in representation of the company she keeps.
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