Thoth Picture

Doing a 30 day drawing challenge and day 2 asked for something mythological so I have decided to spend about 45 mins drawing my most favourite mythological God and the one that had possibly influenced me the most as a little kid reading piles upon piles of mythology books of all types (Greek, Norse, Egyptian etc.).

He's Thoth! The Egyptian God of the Moon, Magic and Writing. Inventor of written and spoken language, Astronomy, Medicine and Geometry. Keeper and recorder of all knowledge and possessor of divine speech.

Anyway being a God and all he looked into the future and is now in the process of writing John Milton's Paradise Lost to be able to read it later and laugh about how stupid people are to believe in only one God where there are obviously many

Those who know me will, right at this very moment, laugh and think 'this is so Dor!' and will agree that Thoth has certainly been an influence!

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