Hecate Picture

This is the 4th in my series of prints themed around darkness.

Hecate became a dark goddess in Greek mythology although she did not originate in Greece. She became a goddess of the underworld who was associated with black dogs, snakes, the full moon, ghosts, crossroads and wells. She was a goddess of witchcraft who resided in the underworld.

Curses were quite common in ancient Greece and Hecate received quite a few addressed to her. There were many variations on curses but they usually involved a lead tablet that a basic formula was inscribed upon (although unlike in the print the name of the cursed would be written). Clay figures of women with hands bound were pierced with pins as a part of the curse. Hair, fingernails, or other pieces of the victim were attached to doll. The tablet & the doll were then tied and dropped in a well.

Many curses were based on love and domination. Men and women cursed each other regularly. Other common types of curses included attempting to sway the outcome of a court case and to jinx a horse race.

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