the bakunawa Picture

Bakunawa attempting to eat the moon. Legends tell that it has wings on the back and one further down. My interpretation is it has massive fins that almost resemble wings.

Illustration made by Lenticel with watercolor pencils and sign pen

Reasons for uploading:

Free-use images of Bakunawa are rare or does not exist
Request for images for Philippine legendary creatures

for all of you who doesnt know what a bakunawa is,

read this:

The Bakunawa, also known as Bakonawa, Baconaua, or Bakonaua, is a deity in Philippine mythology that is often represented as a gigantic sea serpent. It is believed to be the god of the underworld and is often considered to be the cause of eclipses.

It appears as a giant sea serpent with a mouth the size of a lake, a red tongue, whiskers, gills, small wires at its sides, and two sets of wings, one is large and ash-gray while the other is small and is found further down its body.
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