Mimameiddr - the world tree Picture

Mimameiddr is simply another name for yggdrasil, from norse mythology.
This piece is conceptual work for my current project which is my year 3 animation degree.
I didn't want to use the name Yggdrasil, as it is spread throughout many fantasy works and I have never seen the other name and so I use it to be different.
all the 9 worlds of norse mythology are present, except I am linking them also with the celestial bodies. at the top, we have the sun, then down to the right and then clockwise we have the moon, venus, mercury and mars. ( mercury is black because we always see the dark side of it.) then midgard is earth obviously...
then at teh bottom, we have jupiter, neptune and uranus, the giant planets.. which are funnily enough, the home of the giants.
poor saturn always gets left out.. the poor thing.. maybe it can be the tree trunk?
in case your wondering.. my project is to make a demo for a game. this is part of the initial game design and concept work. then I will make the demo based on a small part of the game concept.
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