Mors and Nethuns Modern Picture

Mors and nethuns in modern cloths.

here's a bit of info bout mores and nethuns

Nethuns his name is based off the water god Nethuns, in Etruscan mythology, Nethuns was the god of wells, later expanded to all water, including the sea.

He was supposedly the same as the Greek Poseidon and Roman Neptune. The name Nethuns is likely cognate with that of the Celtic god Nechtan and the Persian and Vedic gods sharing the name Apam Napat. His attributes are the trident, the anchor, the sea horse, and the dolphin.

Nehtuns is my sailor moon character if anyone is wodnering. he wa skidnaped and taken to the nega moon for many years. he dosent have much memory of what happend there but is unknown even to him he is a spy and has a seed of evil inside of him that they implanted. he is shy quite and the only one who seems to care about him is his little brother mors. nethuns is shy, dark and quite but protective of mors.

Mors, his name is base doff the roman god Mors. In Roman mythology, Mors is the personification of death and equivalent to the Greek Thanatos. He the son of the goddess of night, Nox, and is the brother of the personification of sleep, Somnus.

my character mors is sweet and inocent to his older brother. he loves him and takes care of him ever since there mother died and there father odly dissapred. mors looks like there mom and nethuns looks like their dad.

i should have made his older brother Nethuns named after the mythiogical's real broither. i wonder if it is to late to change it? hmm what do you guys think? lol i'm not to big on mythoigy stuff so yeah...
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