Quintessence Picture

Water vs. Fire
Five parts, five natures, five eggs, five births.
Characters from my APKALLU Story, on a much advanced point of the mythos where the expected battle of elementals do happen.
Am I finished with this? No Way! It was done in part as college activity, so it had schedules and directories to follow. I finished it around a week, so I didn't explore all the character's power nor personality. But I guess that too much effort has ben spent for just a few battle scenes, so hope you enjoy it.

This is the 1st Part of a comic book of mine made with mixed media, from ink outlines to basic color pencils and water color and finally digital treatment to amend a thing or two.
The Second page narrative (from a Huarochiri narrator perspective):

"But then... a transformation began
Pariacaca became five diferent beings
All alike, each unique, and still remained the same
A vision like no other..."

These elements are more or less "imagined" by the shaman in the second page, since it get farther and farther from land, closer to Inti. Far from having a Huarochiri inspired design, but just imagining a perspective of narrative, I depicted the gods into raw elemental forms.
The Elemental Gods from Apkallu are universal: Pariacaca isn't just "a spectre", and the title of elemental isn' a titleor position that can be earned. They are the elements and only being them can be possible to master them. But not all water is Pariacaca as all fire can't be Huallalo.
We don't know how they began, but like nature, evolution, and men we didn't came from a single point of origin, of conception. We came from the suppression of the alien into the breast of the common. Pariacaca and all others that are water have developed a fluid nature on which this process of becoming common has been facilitated. As such, Hydros as he's originally known, has a multiverse in his hands, and that is something the proud Hualall-Khepri doesn't count...

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