Luna Over the City Picture

"You said once that there was a black cat in the sky, right?"
"of course"
"So where is it?"
"what? no where in specific, I want to be able to point it out again."
"Right there, all of the black stuff is the cat."
"okay, now you're just being stupid, that can't be true."
"oh but it is, all of the black stuff is the soft, black belly fur of the cosmic cat, Luna."
"and what, the stars are her nipples or something?"
"No, why would you even think something so disrespectful and crude? It was a mistake to even mention it to you... I'm leaving!"

Looking down from the sky, a cosmic cat giggles at the silliness of humanity.
"Oh how stupid and quick to anger they are... they have so many faults and so many reasons to hate them.... but that is why I like them so much."


This was done at a kids activity booth for an art event. It was very easy and took no time. Though it is sloppy I kind of like it so it got posted.
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