ACEO Nodeppo Picture

This was a fun piece to do, especially for such a random monster. I really look forward to coloring it. Feedback is appreciated.
The Nodeppo ("Wild gun" according to is about as strange a yokai as they come. At first glance they would appear to be a normal Musasabi, the Japanese Flying Squirrel. However, these creatures are known to fly down from the treetops and cover passerby's faces with their wing skin, sucking the blood from their face with sharp fangs. They often first douse any torches that the traveller might be carrying by inhaling and consuming the flames. The Nodeppo is said to be born after a bat lives to a certain age, upon which time the creature transforms. In these regards, however, Nodeppo is exactly the same as another yokai known as Nobusuma. The only difference is that Nodeppo has the unique ability to fire bats at high speeds from its mouth, sending them to attack and confuse their victims before coming in for a bite themselves. Possibly the strangest vampiric creature of myth there is, the Nodeppo gives a wary traveller good reason to watch the trees.
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