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Transformers Alterverse
Party and Politics


In a secret location a doctor by the name of Doctor Arkeville works in secret for General McAlister. The room is near pitch black except for the overhead lights and the small amount of light coming from the viewing room and its small window. Mark looked on as his youngest son cried out in pain during the procedure. Arkeville convinced the general that this was the proper way to have his procedure done. Stating the obvious that all the Humanicons went through this without a single drop of anesthesia. Melvin wanted to prove he was just as strong and opted out of using any medicine. But now the little coward was starting to feel it was a bad idea after all. Every little cut into his skin made him cry out in agony. His father did not budge nay did not even move a single muscle. He stood by in total apathy towards his sons screams. He knew he could stop the pain but didn’t, he felt if Melvin wants to prove himself so badly he can.

Arkeville – {dripping in blood peered over his patient} “Melvin you are making a fool of yourself with these pathetic cries. Stephen took his surgery much better.”
Melvin – ‘Are you calling me weak?’
Arkeville – “Yes, Vladimir barely spoke during his.”
Arkeville – “No your not. You are just a coward. Yes a coward. You whom cannot even get a girl without blackmailing her. You whom cannot even get his own father to love him. You who cannot even take a little pain. You see all my implants, I did these myself.”
Melvin – “ARRRRGGGHHH!” {As another portion of his arm was being cut away}
Arkeville – “So {went down to whisper} if you want to do anyone a favor just kill yourself.”
Arkeville – “Yes it is, but so are you. I know all about you Melvin, I used to be the head doctor that the presidents called upon. I heard the rumors and the stories from other Generals and doctors to the White House staff talking about you. How much of a crybaby you are.”
Melvin – “At least I wasn’t kicked out of the medical field by a WEAK PRETTY BOY DOCTOR!”
Arkeville – “Keys, he has had his time in the light, but I will stop him. With your father’s help that is.”
Melvin – {wanted to come back with a witty comment only screamed}
Arkeville – “Now now, quite that crying, it’s not like it will do you any good. Too bad I don’t have Shockwave with me. He would really make you cry.”
Melvin – “The . . . Cyclops . . . ?”
Arkeville – “Yes the one and the same. He did such a good job on the other Humanicons, very impressive for him not fully understanding human biology.’
Melvin – “Did you . . . do this . . . to
Arkeville – “Yes I did my boy. Yes I did. Twice.”
Melvin – “Then I look forward to killing you.”
Arkeville – ‘Still in la la land I see. {practically ripping off his arm tore off the muscles and leaving the nerves for connection making Melvin cry out in my agony as blood oozed onto the floor}”This is nothing in comparison to what her brother will do to you once he gets his hands on you.”
Arkeville – “You won’t stand a chance lad, you won’t stand a chance.”
Melvin – “YES I WILL {with his only arm grabbed a scalpel and held it against Arkeville’s throat} and if you don’t stop . . . insulting me. . . I WILL SLICE YOUR THROAT!’
Arkeville – ‘You kill me, and your father won’t be too happy. And I don’t want Lazarus to do the job. He is much less skilled than I am.”
Melvin – {nearly passing out already laid back down}
Mark – {tapped the glass} ‘MELVIN STOP FIGITING NOW!”{Melvin did so}
Arkeville – “I will give you this much, you managed to make Megatron follow your command without shooting a single bullet.”
Melvin – ‘That’s . . . why. . . I will . . . be . . . the winner.”
Arkeville – “No, no you wont, even with all the upgrades on the planet you will still lose, because Melvin, you are a loser, every thing you do is for nothing, no one wants you, no one loves you, and no one wants to be near you.”
Melvin – “MY FATHER DOES!”
Arkeville – “Right, right he does. That is, if you are successful, but if you fail, you are as good as disowned property.”
Melvin – “I will prove . . . to all . . . of you. . . I am going to win.”
Arkeville – “Then prove it. Now do lay still this next part is a dozy.”

Arkeville continued the surgery and at Keys Tech they were still flabbergasted at the fact that Mark had a daughter. It was just shocking to know the truth behind everything and everyone. Jetfire kept his promise and called in to make sure Marta was okay and Ramjet was right, only pain was from laughing. Victor knew Mark was up to something as all of his calls for the last 3 days were not being answered. Where was Mark and how was it so important it couldn’t wait? They had con missions to plan in the event of a Decepticon uprising. But Mark’s phone was pretty much silent in comparison to Melvin’s screams. Victor pondered telling Zoe who he was and every time he tried he just went mute. He did not want the others to think badly of his deception after all that is who they were fighting against was Decepticons.

Two Decepticons were ready to go into battle with each other over Marie. Blitzwing and Brawl finally had the time to have their big battle and in a vast unpopulated area just outside of Siberia. The location was called Vasyugan. As the wind blew they stood tall and in battle ready poses to strike at each other. Off in the distance the members of the Russian crew meet up with Marie, Loren, Wren, Rio, Claire, and the others. Marie was dressed out in full green camouflage with a Brawl is number one sign. Loren and Zach cheered for Blitzwing and the others just being supportive. Swindle took bets and Rina and Marta handed out snacks. Megatron came along just for a bit of relaxation from his log work. He gave all the work to Soundwave and his new girlfriend Lizzy as a test of her cataloguing and speed. Plus just an excuse to get out of doing the work himself. He also put them up for the challenge of upgrading all the equipment in the Nemesis. Over a 1000 pieces of equipment, easy right? Brawl stamped the words [Property of Marie] In Braille onto his armor and when he wins he’d let her read it.

Blitzwing – “You and what army?”
Brawl – “This one!” {He ran at him and Blitzwing turned on his ice blasters and Brawl went sliding crashing into a large boulder}
Blitzwing - “Ha ha, not too smart are you?”
Brawl – {flipped back up and blasted his own cannons at Blitzwing making him fly across the field and landing right on his face} “Smart enough to trick you! I KNEW YOU’D TRY SOMETHING LIKE THAT!”

Blitzwing turned into his tank form and while flanking shot back at Brawl who ran out of the way doing summersaults along the way to avoid getting hit. Brawl stomped onto the ground causing the soft silt under Blitzwing to come loose and his treads got stuck into the mud below. He had to transform back to biped mode and Brawl took the opportunity and ran up grabbed under his arms lifted him high into the air and slammed him down into the mud. Marie cheered wildly as Zach closed his eyes tight. Blitzwing flung his body around and knocked Brawl down and tried pinning him but Brawl shook him free and slammed his elbow right into Blitz’s face. Brawl grabbed his arm and held him in a wrist lock. He pulled back harder and harder and Blitzwing bellowed out in pain. Blitzwing punched Brawl off of him and Brawl staggered back holding his nose now leaking energon. Blitzwing did an enzuigiri {a chop kick} and Brawl fell down to his knees. Brawl maneuvered around as he saw Blitzwing come in with a dropkick. Brawl readjusted himself and tackled Blitzwing down to the ground and went for a sledgehammer move when Blitz kicked him off. Brawl fell on his face and the others laughed making him more furious. Brawl turned his turret around and shot back at Blitz and he went crashing down a small hill off the side and a large tree fell on top of him. Brawl jumped down the hill and grabbed Blitz by the foot and flung him back right into a pile of rocks. Blitz picked one of the rocks up and chucked it at Brawl and it slammed into his armor quite violently. Brawl gained his footing once again and rushed up to Blitz as he raised another rock above his head and did an exploder suplex and with a crack Blitz felt parts of his armor on the back break. While the two kept up pace with one another two Humanicon women were not Seeing Eye to eye. Back at the nemesis training room Taka bore down into Taiya about who should be leader.

Taka – “I am the more experienced one here! I AM OLDER! I SHOULD BE COMMANDING YOU!”
Taiya – ‘Not a chance Glitch! I AM THE COMMANDER NOT YOU!”
Taka – “Fine! Let’s fight for it!”
Taiya – “Deal, now lets rev it up!” {The two turned off their pretender shells}
Taka – “Hawkeye ready to rise up!”

Eclipse deployed her blades and rushed towards Hawkeye slashing around like in a dance as Hawkeye jumped backward and did a back flip out of the way before grabbing a half moon blade staff from the rack and blocked her blows. Eclipse moved in and tried cutting through the staffs hilt but found she could not cut past the dystronium. Eclipse tried a double slash when Hawkeye sliced upward and cut into her face making Eclipse stagger back. Taking the chance Hawkeye using the staff rushed in rammed it under Eclipse’s jaw and drove her back into the wall chocking her. Eclipse took her sword and slashed it down onto Hawkeye’s shoulder making her looser her grip on the staff and Eclipse kicked her back. The both of em crossed blades over and over and over each matching each others moves. Hawkeye dropped down and tripped Eclipse with a well placed kick to her shins. Eclipse crashed down onto the floor and reached for Hawkeye and grabbed hold of her hair and pulled hard. Hawkeye just laughed it off kicked Eclipse’s throat making her let go. Eclipse coughed grew angrier and utilized her new abilities and pushed Hawkeye back with a sort of force push. “HEY NO CHEATING’ Hawkeye spat at her. Eclipse just laughed at it and put away her blades and stood up cracked her neck and gave Hawkeye an evil smile. “My fight, my rules, AND THAT MEANS NO RULES WHATSOEVER!” Eclipse rang out. The two ended up in a fist versus staff fight.

With Arkeville he was started on the legs and Melvin was not doing so well. He was barely living if you could call being near comatose living. Mark yelled out to his son “YOU PASS OUT AND I WILL MAKE YOU SORRY!” And with that Melvin forced himself to stay alert and awake. He had never felt such pain in his life. He thought that his dad was a real harbinger of pain but this was worse. He could feel every single thing as his nerves became exposed he could feel the slightest move in the air. Every little breeze struck throbbing pain throughout his body. He reached out with hope that his father would forget his decision to go anesthesia free and begged to his father “ PLEASE DAD I CANT HANDLE THE PAIN! PLEASE TELL ARKEVILLE TO GIVE ME SOMETHING!” His father was not shaken by this at all, ‘YOU ASKED FOR THIS, YOU WILL GET NOTHING!” And inside Melvin his heart broke. He felt that what is his dad doing? Can he be this heartless? No he thought, he was right, he asked for this and ended his pathetic attempt at begging for meds. Once again falling into the delusion that his father still had a heart.

Brawl and Blitz continued their fight and Brawl was just about to do a huge move. Brawl was on top a large pile of rocks and flew down and did a clothesline to Blitz and in an act of desperation Blitz transformed into his jet mode and flew away and this only made his opponent angrier. Brawl had just enough of Blitz always choosing to fly away from his problems and so with a barrage of firepower Brawl blasted him and Blitz came down crashing. Brawl rushed through the forest and when he got there Blitz was already in his biped mode and ready for more fighting. Brawl did not see it in time when Blitz did a jumping mule kick to Brawl and knocked him down. Blitz froze Brawl to the floor and ran back to get some distance and dashed back, jumped up high, and with the full weight of his body he slammed Brawl. The ice cracked freeing Brawl from his icy prison and Brawl so furious grabbed hold of Blitz’s neck and flung him down onto his knee. Brawl thrust his treads down onto Blitz and more of his armor broke off. Blitz blasted him off with a large column of fire and Brawl could barely see now. The fire damaged his optics so badly he could barely see if it was night or day. He felt “is this how Marie feels?’ and he knew the answer, yes this is how it is to be her. Feeling the largest sense of empathy for his beloved he knew now was the time to let loose. He had to see with his senses and most of all his hearing. Brawl could sense that Blitz was right beside him and with quick reflexes brawl took his wrist and flung him around slamming Blitz into several trees. He finished up his move Brawl pulled him in fast and whipped his arm up and around 360 till Blitz’s shoulder snapped and buckled. Blitz yanked his arm free, jumped back and blasted Brawl with several shots of his cannons. Brawl spat out a few fragments of his inner cheek and bowed down so his large turret gun could shoot down Blitz. Blitz moved out of the way and a huge chunk of forest was totaled. Above the onlookers cheered and Marie could just bite her nails off. The others enjoyed the battle. It seemed too little they got to pit their abilities against their own teammates.

The Humanicon femmes were in a duel to the death it would seem as with every single move they got injured more and more as blood and energon soaked the floor. Hawkeye had Eclipse by the shirt and was pushing her through wall after wall. Eclipse finally got a break when they hit a wall they couldn’t go through and with her body weight she kicked off of the wall and grabbed Haw’s legs and flung her up and over. Eclipse took hold of her ankle and wrung her up and sat on her pinning her down by the leg. Hawk made her move and took hold of Eclipse’s hair and pulled it hard saying “LETS SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT!” and with that Eclipse let go of her leg and Hawk bucked her off. Hawk delivered several kicks to Eclipse’s stomach. Eclipse had her head down when Hawk grabbed under her armpits and fling her upside down and did a piled river. Eclipse took out a set of daggers and stabbed them into Hawks feet. Her sensors went crazy with the pain and hoped backwards. Eclipse got up and did a melee of punches to Hawk. Hawk started to become disorientated and struggled to stay level headed. She had to make her move and make it quick. Hawk blocked a blow and rammed her head into Eclipse’s and Eclipse moved back with one massive headache. Eclipse kicked her across the head and Hawk swung around from the blow and using the weight of the fall flung up her arm and it slammed into Eclipse’s back. Eclipse fell down on to her knees and this was all she needed to take her down, Hawk made the move and stomped on her back. This only infuriated Eclipse more as it was the same move the Fallen did to her constantly. Eclipse reached up grabbed hold of Hawk’s leg and sent electricity up through her and this made her get off. Eclipse got up and grabbed hold of Hawk’s arm swung her around and ran her head into a pole. Hawk getting real mad took out her guns and began shooting at Eclipse. Eclipse was hit several times and fell backwards and looked up at Hawk’s eyes that bore into her.

The battle in Serbia was still going and it would be long before it ended. Brawl was leading the way as he proved to everyone why he was and will always be a COMBATICON! Combat was his pride, his joy, and right now his only way to save what he loved, Marie. He could not just let Blitz get away with keeping her as his PET. Brawl kicked him over and over again and the more Blitz took the harder things got. Brawl had Blitz by the leg now and with a well placed yank Blitz’s leg broke. Brawl was far from finished though and with a kick to Blitz’s shoulder again it too snapped under all the breaks. Blitz tried one more time to freeze Brawl in place but Brawl being hot from his cannons the ice just melted right off of him. Brawl picked him high into the air and did a fireman carry and flung him into the air, Brawl jumped up grabbed his body and slammed him down hard into his knee. With one more scream in pain Blitz lost the fight. His optics went out as his body registered offline status. Brawl cried out a war cry in victory as the Humanicons and the cons rushed down to see. Marie rushed into his arms as Zach cried over his owner loosing to Brawl and loosing so much money. Brawl told her he had never valued his hearing as much as he did today and that he now understood why Marie choose to stay blind. He ran her hand over his arm so that she could read the Braille and she broke out into tears of joy reading it. “You belong to me? I thought it was the opposite.” She said to him. “No my little Evangalion you own me because you own my heart.” He welcomed a kiss from her and those on Brawls side cheered.

The Humanicons made their way back and out on the Atlantic Ocean Blair Domenici the most persistent fangirl/lover was headed on her way to her con lover boy. She thought about him constantly, and even in her dreams his images permeated her brain. She had borrowed her fathers sail boat and packed up her gear. She knew it would be a month at the least but this did not phase her. She started her journey 3 weeks ago and was almost at her location. She knew she had to face the storm coming as thunderclouds swarmed the sky. She braced the sail and tied down all loose lines and put everything inside and shut all hatches. She climbed inside the cabin and locked the doors to the windows and the door completely shut. This was one thing she had to thank her father for, the tough Kevlar sail. No matter how strong the wind got it would not break the sail and the boat was lined with rubber insulators so lightning would not cause a systems failure to the engine. She tried her best to sleep through the storm. The thought of Stephen holding her kept the fear from entering her mind and it only made her more determined to reach the ship, the massive ship known to the bots as the Nemesis.

Back on the ship Eclipse and Hawkeye were tearing each other apart. Hawkeye was slamming Eclipse’s head against a counter top in the kitchen area. Somehow the fight managed to get from level 15 to level 20. Eclipse with a massive headache reached back and bore into Hawk’s eyes. She wailed and let go of her head and Eclipse ran up to Hawk grabbing her and did a spine buster and with a large slam Hawk’s back seemed to break. But this was only the sound of her own armor breaking and Hawk kicked up and hit into Eclipse’s jaw. Eclipse made a move and did a dropkick and Hawk moved out of the way and planted her hands and kicked up again at Eclipse hitting into her stomach. As she moved back Hawk grabbed her by the throat and wrung her around forcing her up high into the air. Eclipse chopped into Hawk’s face and she let go and Eclipse moved in with a sequence of repetitive punches and did a backhand clothesline to the back of Hawk’s head. She fell to her knees and Eclipse laughed maniacally ‘SEE YOU WILL BOW TO MY COMMAND YOU LITTLE N. That was all Hawk needed to get so angry that she would kill. Hawk withdrew her gun and shot it into Eclipse’s chest as the bullet pierced her lung. Eclipse had to shut down the pathway into that lung and Hawk seeing her in disorientation tacked her down and the two wrestled around for about 10 minutes before Megatron’s voice bellowed as the others entered the room.

Taka – ‘No...Thing…sir {as Taiya chocked her}
Taiya - ‘No...Thing…at...all {as Taka chocked her}
Megatron – {Face palm}
Taiya – {punched Taka a few more times out of reflex}
Megatron – “STOP IT!” {They both let go}
Brawl – “Dear primus look at the place.”
Skywarp – ‘Aint coolio yous twos.”
Rina – “Yeah! Why are you guys fighting like this?”
Taka – “I said...i a better leader and we fought.”
Starscream – ‘Really how’d that turn out?”
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