Cipactli under a Crescent Moon Picture

Cipactli (Nahuatl for "Crocodile" or "Caiman") is a creature from Mexican mythology, and is comparable to the Leviathan in Abrahamic cosmology and Tiamat in Mesopotamian mythology in that she was a primordial water-monster capable of taking on gods. She was described as being part crocodile, part toad, and part fish, with mouths on every joint of its body. It kiboshed the gods attempts to create the world by eating everything they created, until Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca set aside their eternal rivalry to kill it and made the world out of its corpse.

Her body is covered in bronze-coloured denticles, while the armoured plates on her belly are golden yellow. Her stumpy lower jaws distend like a snake's and contain a radial mouth bristling with fangs. She also has a vertical mouth in the centre of her chest, with rib-like teeth.

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