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Elia Maris


Elia's 17, though most say she looks quite young because of her small body.


A fairly short height of 1.4m or 4' 7.118", meaning that most people her age look down upon her when talking to her.


8st. 9lbs.


Pearl Milk Tea with Tapioca Balls

Caramel Kingdom


Used to be an Astronomer, before deciding to become a Mage. As an Astronomer, Elia had a bit of experience, and had studied it for 3 years, as an Apprentice. However, as a Mage, she had very little experience, as she has just begun studying the job.

- Starwatching / perhaps this was what interested her about Astronomy /
- Clouds / Elia could lay for hours meerly watching the clouds move /
- Shiny objects / this can be a large source of her small bits of distraction /
- Practising about being a Mage / practise makes perfect as she says /
- Being slightly rebelious at times / even though she's 17, Elia still likes to enjoy herself and have fun /
- Small animals / in her words, "they're so cute!!!~"

- Scary people
- Crowded places / being around so many others makes Elia nervous /
- Meat / she says that she dislikes the taste of it, and prefers vegetables /
- Assassins of Licorice Town
- Hot or Cold weather / Elia is pretty sensitive to the weather, and will prefer cloudy and windy warm weather /
- Men / She may be almost of age, but Elia still doesn't like the thought of men /


Usually, Elia is pretty focused, this includes during conversations, in which she will actively participate in. In times when she becomes bored on the current topic, she will make her stance casual, and possibly become distracted, but this hardly ever happens. If a stranger where to suddenly approach her and begin to talk to her, she would most likely run away, especially if the person was scary, a man or in a crowded place. Elia's reaction to someone making her mad or sad would probably be to stare downwards if upset greatly. On the other hand, if she was quite mad, Elia would lash out a bit, before running elsewhere.

Around those she doesn't know or isn't familiar with, Elia will act shy. With those she's comfortable around, she can act natural, a bit rebellious and cheeky. When telling bad news, Elia will try to sugar coat the harsh and cold facts, so others won't be hurt.


Elia's story starts with the meeting of her mother and father. Her mother, Cecilia met her father, Edward, at a small formal ball, between a few families, to celebrate a engagement. Both families were aware of each other, but had never interacted much, meaning that they had not really met beforehand. Being curteous to each other, Cecilia and Edward shared many dances that night, but did not get each others names. A month later, filled with wonder and other things, Cecilia and Edward met once more. Seeing that they had a fairly good friendship, their parents arranged to be married to each other. So, following up 2 months after, the two married in a local church.
After 6 months of being married, it was announced by the gleeful married couple that they had concieved a child. Both families were happy for the couple, and were glad that the family would continue into another generation. It was estimated by doctors that Cecilia was 3 months into her pregnancy.
At the dark of the night, 7 and a half months after the announcement, a scream of utter pain resonated around the small house that the married couple shared, wanting to have lived a comfortable life, for their new child. Hectic and crazed, Edward had rushed to the side of his wife, who had begun to go into Labour. Time seemed to tick slowly, but hours passed and finally, a tiny shriek was heard from the room. The new father rushed inside, to see the the wonderful sight of the baby being held in Cecilias' hands, wrapped in a warm towel, a midwife gently wiping the forehead of his wife. Edward and Cecilia shared a small embrace, before they gazed lovingly at their child.
Her eyes were small, her body seeming fragile, but in those eyes was pure innocence. That was the day that they named their first and only child; Elia.

From a young age, Elia grew up in a small house, learning not to be spoiled, even if she did have money. Most of her childhood time was spent inside, or on the roof of the house, feeling time pass slowly as the clouds weaved through the skies. When it was cold she'd coop herself up inside, wrapped up in blankets galore. When the sun shined so bright and strong, Elia would sit atop the house, under shade with a drink, to cool herself down. Her parents weren't around much, nor did people visit much, which explains why she was never good at meeting new people or being in crowded places.

Her parents sent a home tutor to teach her ever since she was 5, so for 5 years Elia was home tutored. She learned the basics or academics, which helped her education. At the age of 10, Elia was sent to a public school, to interact with others. Seeing the other children fool around and play with each other ignited a rebellious spark in Elia. Slowly, she began to open up to a few friends, only 2 or 3, but it was better than none. At breaks, they would play together, though Elia was never really that interested in it; she'd rather watch the clouds in peace and quiet. One day, whilst she was walking home, Elia spotted a small rodent-like figure rush from one crack of a wall to another. A slight giggle had erupted from her chest, a smile gracing her face. With some food she had managed to successfully steal, Elia bribed the rodent to come out. Upon seeing it again, Elia took a closer look. It wasn't a rat, in fact, it was smaller, and much daintier. The fur was of a light grey tone. Easily, Elia had picked up the newly discovered mouse, taking it with her whilst ushering cute sayings to it.

When she returned home, to her suprise, her mother and father were there. It turned out that they'd been given a week off, to reconciliate with Elia. Much to her horror, they had seen the mouse. Elia was grounded, not allowed even onto the roof, for a week. From that day Elia decided that next time she saw a small animal she'd play with it, even feed it, but not take it home.

By now, Elia was 13. Before she went to bed one night, Elia took a detour to the roof. She'd never seen the night sky, her parents had sent her to bed to rest before that. Her small hands had gripped the doorhandle, eager to see the night sky. The beauty of the sky amazed Elia. Small shiny spots dotted to sky, with the occasional cloud being enlightened by the moons luminous rays. The stars seemed so close that Elia felt she could touch them. From that day, Elia knew she wanted to know more about the stars.

It was only when Elia was 14 that she was allowed to go into apprenticeship as an Astronomer. For the first year she eagerly learned about what stars were, and what they meant to some. Some nights she would spent stargazing, others studying relentlisly. The rest of her nights would be spent catching up on her nessassary sleep. Elia was 15 when she learnt about the stars constellations as well as their mythological connections. At the age of 16, she learned about the connections to other subjects, such as Tarot, Witchcraft and others. In amazement of the newly found knowledge, Elia studied further into the subject. Wanting to pursue a career as a Mage, relating to the stars, Elia politely quit her apprenticeship as asn Astronomer. Later, she became an apprentice for Mages, at the age of 17, after studying more.

Additional Information

- Elia has a habit of shuffling her feet when nervous.
- When she was young, Elia played the flute. Never again.
- Elia loves the colour orange.
- She hates shiny clothing but loves shiny objects.

/the outfit is really bad, sob, I hope that it's fantasy enough/
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