Ra and Nix Picture

The day and the night,
the light and the darkness,
death and life,
the end and the beginning,
hope and despair.
The unbreakable and never ending cycle of existence itself.

Dedicated to VivianexMoon, because her beautiful works inspired me to do this.

Manip made by me from a Naoko Takeuchi's artwork. The original artwork belongs to her ©


Wow, I can't believe I actually finished this??? This took me forever, since this is my first manip made of a drawing, and also because when I started it, I went back to school, so I get lazy.
All this took me a lot of work, especially the background. It took me lots of tries till it looked like I wanted, but I'm still not 100% happy about it.
The one thing I had to modified the most was Nix, since I basically made her a new dress. I had to change both Ra (originally Super Sailor Moon) and Nix's (originally Luna in human form) hairstyles. For Nix I had to repaint and cut the upper part of her hair, while for Ra I had to reemplace the upper part for one of Usagi's buns, and also re-paint her hair and full an empty part.

The picture shows, the Great Bellatora Ra (left) and Nix (right), both characters from my own original story. The Great Bellatora Ra (usually just called Great Ra) is the sun itself, who travelled to Earth to defeat the Serpent of Chaos and begin life. But, after centuries of fighting, Ra realised that life, and existence itself, was nothing but peace and chaos, light and darkness, working together, being one. So Ra stopped the fight against the Serpent of Chaos, and they turned into one. And life begun on Earth.
With life blooming all over the planet, Ra sent her two daughters with a single mission: to begin human life, and build an Empire. And so they did, and the Golden Age started.
(As you can see -or maybe not-, Ra's character and story has been heavily influenced by Inca and Egyptian culture. My favourites <3)

Nix, on the other side, is night and darkness itself. She has existed since the beginnings of the universe, and will exists till the end of it. Darkness is everything and the same time nothing. Darkness is the place where stars are born, they shine, and die.
I have always thought of night as beautiful, colourful and peaceful. Night is when I can finally rest. Night is when my family gets together and have dinner. Night is when the stars can reveal their true shine. Which is why, while creating the design for Nix, I didn't wanted to go for the tipical "black hair + white skin" used for Nix/Nox (the goddess) and night in general. It seemed a little bit... boring. That's why I added so much colour into her curly hair -to represent the galaxies and nebulas- and why I decided to put so many stars into her eyes and dress, because even though the night can be, well, dark, it's also when, as I said up above, stars can reveal their true shine and colours. Night is beautiful.


Background: fav.me/d10elgt + missystock.deviantart.com/art/… + rgdart.deviantart.com/art/Star…
Dress (for Nix): fav.me/d40de61
Other Resources: vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/s…
Anything else is painted.
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