Nephthys App Sheet Picture

A Brief Profile:

Name: Isra El-Amin
Age: 18
Birthday: July 19th
Grade: 12
Hair: Black (seems to have a green sheen when transformed).
Eyes: Hazel.
Height: 5'2" (157.5cm)

Senshi Name: Sailor Nephthys
Realm of Influence: Death and darkness/night
Alignment: Lawful Good
Symbol: (Hieroglyph in top left box)
Weapon: Bandages that fly out of an abyss created by Nephthys' magic.

I suppose I am a little shy, but it really is my low self-esteem that affects me more. I am quite a pessimistic person and I tend to take all criticism to heart (from myself and from others). I am very much a perfectionist, and I have found that this annoys people, especially when working on some kind of group project. I have to take charge or else I become super nervous about how well it’s progressing. Some people might even say that am a neurotic individual. I am prone to bouts of jealousy and indecision also.

Despite all of that, however, I am quite a good speaker (or so I’ve been told). I am very good at persuading people. Often, I find that it’s quite easy for me to either talk or trick people into doing what I want, though I try not to do that for selfish reasons. Rarely do I lose an argument, though. I suppose that’s why I enjoy participating in debates. I also love words and language, so I can quite easily become very talkative, which I am very self-conscious about.

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Important Relationships:
- She is the younger sister of Jamila El-Amin (Isis).
- Has a close, sisterly relationship with Adil Hakim (Osiris).

Artist's Comments

Here is the second of my three extra senshi (which I have affectionately dubbed 'The Clean-up Crew') for
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