Hel and Dyggvi. Night of Love Picture

I know that I am now severely disappoint Hel-Ullr's fans! But we all know perfectly well that the god of winter was not her only lover! The сhosen of Hel was also Dyggvi, the king of Midgard! And the poet highly transparent hints about their relationship:
I doubt not
but Dyggvi's corpse
Hel does hold
to whore with him...
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However, this fact does not make Hel a depraved woman! In contrast, her ability to win the hearts of admiration! I like to think that Dyggvi was in life of Hel before Ullr! In any case, we have no right to strike out this great king of our field of view! I really like the story of love of Dyggvi and Hel , for that matter, and everything connected with this goddess! I captured one of the happiest moments in the life of these sweethearts! Never mind that their night is moonless! Because Dyggvi has his beautiful Under Moon - his most lovely Queen Hel!
Forgive me my experiment with paint !))))) Waiting for feedback, do not be quiet, please
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