Starry Sky Picture

I did a background practice.
I'm not thrilled with it, to be honest.
It's not ugly! But it's just not what I had hoped for. I'm not good at night scenerios.
I am trying my very best to evolve and get better as an artist. But I have a hard time to let go of my "chubby, childish" style. I can't help to make it into that! It's just my artist style. And I want to break free from it! But it just happen of itself! UGH! Dx


We have a space theme at work.
This is inspired by Cantaurs and the fact that they are star readers. To read the future and stuff like that.
I didn't want to make just a space picture and I wanted to be creative. So I did this instead. uvu
It is kind of how a Centaur is supposed to see the sky and a bit of magic in it all.~

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