Nyx - 2015 Picture

watercolors, acrylics, photoshop

Name: Nyx
Species: goddes
Gender: female
Age: unknown
Birth: unknown
Zodiac Sign: unknown
Height: 176 cm
Abilities: Black Fog, Dark Sphere, Night Shadow, Night Seal
Biography: Yoma takes advantage of her sadness caused by her daughter (Eris) defeat and he reveals her that Eris' death was caused by Athena's Saints. She captures Kamanosuke (candidate to become the new Pisces Gold Saint) and threats to kill him during the New Moon. When Gold Saints arrive to her bastion, they have to fight against a new kind of enemy called akumas, forged by Yoma. Alexis and her warriors intervene on the battlefield. Mistaking Alexis for Athena, Nyx seals her in the bastion, but Alexis breaks the seal (made just for gods) and frees Kamanosuke. Nyx is defeated by Alexis. After the battle, Gold Saints decide to create a secret alliance with Pleiades and Dragon's Riders to catch and kill Yoma and his monsters.
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