Yo Picture

Who am I?

Who am I, you ask? I'm just your friendly neighborhood Anime Artist that lives down the street. I've been drawing since the first cartoon that caught my eye was ever broadcasted. I'm a guy, a black one in fact, and I enjoy drawing whatever comes to my mind or whomever mind it is.

What I draw?

I'm more of a jack-of-all-trades kinda artist. The media that I use is Manga Studios Debut 4.0. I draw from humans to anthros or creatures of mythological proportions. I keep in mind that I like to draw mostly anything. My forte is mainly action pictures, sequencing nice or cool effects because I am also an aspiring comic book artist and I'm currently have my Black Wolf Dio Vol 1 working in progress. Though Action genre is mainly my thing, I also draw romance, horror (my favorite), and fantasy. I love being a writer/illustrator but I tend to get one done over the other.

The comic in progress is on the Drunkduck.com website.

Black Wolf Dio Vol 1: [link]

Who do I draw?

That's a tough one but I'm shown to draw mainly anything. Don't be fooled at the females you see in my gallery, I draw men too. I'm mainly requested to draw females in most of my pieces. If you want me to draw a picture of Goku holding the moon, then ask and I'll see if I can schedule it in. I mainly love drawing original characters but that doesn't limit me from drawing well-known characters from other franchises. The thought doesn't cross my mind as often unless someone brings it up. Other than that, people love women and that's what they like seeing me draw. -shrugs- Anyway, if you have already noticed, I draw Pokemon, Digimon, Street Fighter characters, King of Fighters, etc. I can draw anything as long as I have a reference to look at. Just to make sure I have what the character I'm looking at as accurate as I possibly can get it. Again, just ask me. I love drawing Anthro characters as much as I draw Human characters.

My Content?

A real easy one. I draw from the most bloodiest, grim scene to the most intimate one, or flat-out explicit. Depends on my mood. Anyway, here's a breakdown so there won't be much confusion:
Normal-rated picture: Good ol fashion scene. Nothing out of the ordinary.
Mature-rated picture: Not always an sexual scene. The picture(s) in my gallery would most likely have blood, violence, maiming, nudity or just an adult situation that's not shockingly exposed fully.
Adult-rated picture: It'll either have high degrees of injury or sexual situation.
That's just to help what I bring to the table. Sure is says violence but when you see blood or a grim situation that's the only cause to it. I hate to see a "Normal-rated" picture that has car turning over after a high-speed chase and looks like it's about to crash into a crowd. Or a building. That's implied.


Yes and no. I take them but I won't take all of them. Sometimes I just have to see if I can fit it in with my schedule. I work like everyone else.

Art Trade?

I don't mind any at all but you're drawing me a picture first. I'm skeptical because I've drawn pictures and never gotten any in return.


I'll always be open with my commissions. You're picture is always HIGH-PRIORITY when I receive the payment.

Outside of Art?

When I'm not drawing, I'm a fighting gamer. As in Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Guilty Gear, Bloody Roar, Tekken, etc. My platform is the PS3 and all is welcome to play or accept a challenge. Well, that's all I have to say about myself and, also, welcome to the Project00Wolfen DA page.


OC Ref Sheets: $10
Sketch: $15
Uncolored/Line Art: $25
Black and White Colored: $35
Flat Color: $45
Full Color: $60
Adult: +$5
Comics: +$1 per page

Commission: OPEN




ART REQUESTS: OPEN (Be aware, that a request picture can be drawn at any fashion)

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