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An OC I made who appeared in my 'In Search of F' fanfic, though I should note this character's background is slightly different between that fanfic and her in other canon, but it's minor (see below).

You know, it's ironic: I find her looking more adorkable as a Bat Pony than she is a pegasus, not sure why.

Life's no fun without a good scare.

Name: Ghost Story

Age: 25 (or closest pony equivalent)
Occupation: Folklorist and owner of the Mare in the Moon bookstore.
Parents: Nightingale and Dark Night
Special Talent: Her special talent is storytelling, both in written and vocal. She specializes in folklore and scary stories, but her special talent is storytelling in general.
Personality: Ghost Story is a friendly and kind pony, but she has a love of all things frightening. She loves horror novels, plays, movies, and video games (note to readers, movies and video games in this context refers to the movie theater shown in 'One Bad Apple' and arcade style video games we've seen several times are a thing) and creepypastas. If it's macabre and scary, she gets a kick out of it.

As this would indicate, she enjoys playing frightening pranks on others, but she doesn't always realize what might be 'too frightening' for the pony she's scaring, though she has no malicious intent in it and is quick to try and calm them down if she's scared them too badly. One of her favorite pranks is to swing down from the ceiling by her tail to startle another pony.

However, where she really shows her love of scary things is her love of telling scary stories to others, especially kids. She loves to go camping and telling scary ghost stories around the fire. If she's not telling stories, running her bookstore, or camping, she's often in her study reading a horror novel (usually hanging upside down from the rafters by her tail) or looking into folklore. Another fascination of hers is folklore, myth, and legend. It's safe to say if the area she's living in has some form of folklore, mythology, or legendary story, she's studied it as in depth as she's able to.

It should be noted she's not EXCEPTIONALLY brave. She gets frightened the same as anypony else, but generally takes it in stride and laughs it off afterwards because she LIKES being scared.

Her playful, pranking demeanor does conceal her intelligence, as she's well-versed in folklore and has a PhD in the subject (technically a PhD in Comparative Studies with a Concentration in Folklore) that she puts to good use in running her book store and telling her ghost stories.

Ghost Story's biggest faults are sometimes she gets carried away with her scary stories and folklore due to being so passionate about the subject and (as mentioned above) can sometimes misjudge how much other ponies can take. She also sometimes 'geeks out' over particular works of fiction she likes. Also, one of her berserk buttons is having the ending to a story she's reading spoiled for her and tends to get upset when that happens.

Ironically, despite her love of all things frightening, she has a phobia of clowns stemming from an experience at the circus when she was younger. She DOESN'T find those funny.

She was also a night owl even BEFORE she became a Thestral/Bat Pony. Both because of the fright factor and because she just found the night inviting and quiet, perfect for reading anything, especially ghost stories.

Poison Joke Effect: Her fur turns bright pink and white and she becomes surprisingly adorable.

Discorded: Becomes a complete coward.


(General) Ghost Story was born in Cloudsdale and grew up like any kid, but had a particular love of Nightmare Night. Every year she would make her own costumes (with her parents help) and try to outdo herself from the previous year, though by far her favorite costume was a vampire. Her friends felt she was brave because she seemed to laugh in the face of frightening things, but her response was always that she wasn't brave, she just loved being scared. Her mother would always take her to see scary plays and buy her horror themed books to read as a result of this.

Then one fateful year she went to summer camp and was enraptured by the ghost stories and, when it came her turn to tell them, she was a natural at it and got her Cutie Mark telling a story about will-o-wisps that mislead travelers to their demise. She not only got her Cutie Mark that night, but got her love of folklore in general due to how many camp stories had their grounding in folklore.

As she grew up, she gradually became more of a night owl, with her mother often having to tell her to get to bed.

She did quite well academically, though also was frequently mistaken for a Goth due to her preferences, which she didn't mind and class clown due to her love of frightening pranks (which she embraced). She would go to a university in Cloudsdale and eventually get her PhD.

After graduating, she would eventually move to Ponyville due to the town's location near the Everfree and is regarded as one of the only ponies who WASN'T surprised when Nightmare Moon showed up, as due to her love of folklore she'd read the myth several hundred times over in every book she could. The story fascinated her due to being the inspiration of her favorite holiday, but also because she was decidedly more of a night owl than the average pony so she could sympathize with Luna's anger at ponies not caring about it. This was why she named her bookstore she opened in Ponyville the Mare In the Moon. She also was particularly interested in the concept of bat ponies or thestrals some legends mentioned.

Ghost Story, however, did lock up her shop and hide just like everypony else when Nightmare Moon turned out to be real, since being so fond of the legend, she knew exactly what the Nightmare was capable of.

She also frequently writes reviews for things she likes and papers on various folklore that she researched, including theories and in depth symbolism of the myth in question.

Come Nightmare Night, Ghost Story was busy reading ghost stories to foals in her bookstore, and missed most of the excitement until the end when she finished and saw Luna enjoying herself...and discovered the stories of thestrals were real upon seeing Luna's personal guards. Ghost Story managed the courage to talk to Luna, and to her pleasant surprise found her and Luna's tastes were extremely similar (both loving the frightening and macabre), and Luna gained a new subject that night (well, another new one on top of Pip).

During their conversation, however, Ghost Story learned Thestrals, while for all accounts their own type of pony, where pegasi who had been infused with some of Luna's essence, making them nocturnal and giving them their bat attributes. And that planted an idea in her mind she just couldn't shake off. She'd always loved the night, and all things frightening...and being a bat pony would add a certain something to her favorite pass times...She could still fly like a pegasus, and would get to better enjoy what she already did. Yeah, camping during the day would require staying up...but it was the night half of that she REALLY enjoyed...

So, after much thought and discussion with her parents, she finally sent a letter to Luna requesting conversion into a Thestral, and hasn't turned back ever since.

'In Search of F': The main differences in this timeline are she was born a Thestral rather than being made one later on. She stayed in Cloudsdale instead of moving to Ponyville, and becomes one of the main character (and detective) Shotaro's informants, specifically on the matters of folklore using the codename Storyteller.

This character belongs to me but you can use her if you want to! Just be respectful of her.

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro!

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