''Just one song?'' Picture

Lee looked up as he felt the familiar sensation of his lovely, if distant, partner returning home.
Before Nia could get the chance to run off to the edges of the sky, past the stars and celestial bodies until she was out of Lee's sight, all on her own, her favorite place to be, the nuisance she sometimes gave the brevity not to call such caught her by the wrists.
"Let me be, Slumber. My lonesome is what I desire," Her silvery eyes scowled as she tried to free herself of his grasp, but even though it effects were quite null to her unlike the mortals, Sleep's grip was still strong.
His golden eyes flitted to hers, his face explaining he had no ill will, only the longing and concern he always carried for his loved one. The unavoidable care he would give her till the end of time. "Dear Restlessness, please. I only ask of your company. I've been practicing for quite some time--"
Insomnia finally triumphed over him and his peacefulness, rubbing her wrists as she stepped away but didn't dare take her eyes off him. "I'll've nothing of your lullabies. You and I both are learned of the fact they are useless to me." And yet her contempt did not make her run off. Something only let her cross her arms and turn her back.
"Please, darling," Lee begged softly, reaching out to her but not actually touching her, for fear of making things worse. "Tis true, I know. But..." He saw her shoulders heave with a sigh. "We are here, we are what we are. I only wish to indulge you. Your opinion--It matters to me, if to no one else."
Nia dared a glance over her shoulder at him. She thought herself no match for the adorably desperate thing she saw. "I--"
"Please? Just one song?" Lee's eyes shimmered hopefully.
"I...Oh...Alright. Just one."
And with that, Nia sat, Lee picked up his instrument, and he played, his eyes never leaving her, and her's never daring above his feet.

Anyone remember these two: fav.me/d9vdj0q ?

Well, I didn't totally forget about them after all~
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