Mayi, Goddess of the Moon Picture

Other names: Mayari, Bulan, María Asunción Ysabel,

Likes: Mondays, nighttime, food in general, cooking, mestiso and tsinito boys, smoking, books, karaoke, and religious things.

Dislikes: Weight gain, early meetings, dogs, dishonest people, loud noises, extreme adventures, and depressing things.

The former moon goddess of Filipinos, she is your standard old-fashioned tita (auntie), still attached to the Spanish Era long after it ended. Ran several carinderías (eateries) between that period and 1987. Smokes like a chimney and often eats like there's no tomorrow.

Became a devout Católica cerrada, but is learning to loosen up. Visits Baclaran on Wednesdays and Quiapo on Fridays, walking on her knees. Collects statues and icons of the Virgin Mary and the moon.

Her weight swings between extremely thin to borderline obese, and she prefers house dresses and somewhat frumpy clothes. She had to be forced into that more trendy dress above.

Now answers to 'Mayi', after going by 'Siony' until the mid-90s when people mistook her for someone's grandmother.

Is the richest of the three deities.

Shuttles between Manila and her second home in Cebu City.

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