Prince Winter Picture

Silently and stealthily, the Wheel turns once again,
Bringing glittering frosts to replace the autumn rain,
Highlighting silvery cobwebs, around the hedges spun,
Don ye all your coats and hats, for winter has begun!

The Oak King sleeps, the Holly King takes up his winter place
Displaying leaves of winter green into the Sun's dull face
Bearing berries, vivid red to brighten up the gloom,
Snow has fallen, we are out there, sweeping with a broom.

In from the cold, a nice hot drink, a cosy place by the fire,
Candles burning in their sconces, time to sit and admire
The beautiful blanket of snow outside, lining the branches of trees,
The Sun goes down, the Moon comes up illuminating the freeze.

Silver moonlight, glittering snow, magickal moments indeed,
Under the blanket, deep in the ground, lies the dormant seed,
Waiting for Yule to turn the Wheel, giving the Sun it's power,
Waiting with patience, knowing the Sun will strengthen hour by hour.

Come morning, happy children are building their men of snow,
Rolling snowballs, releasing a gleeful chuckle with every throw,
Running and laughing, making footprints in the soft snow so white,
Building piles of soft ammunition for the oncoming fight.

Cold and hungry, sky has darkened, time to end the day,
Time to warm themselves and sleep, dreaming of their play,
Dawn the morning, snow has vanished, Sun is shining through.
Snowmen melted, seeds are stirring ready to start life anew.
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