Hercules vs The Moon Men Picture


Hercules has got to be one of the more over used characters in Greek mythology, everybody knows: son of Zeus, strongest man alive, fought a lion, did some trials, yada yada we’ve heard it all before; But does anyone know the time that Hercules had to battle the moon men in a really crappy Italian/French film? If you do, Fantastic, and if you don’t, no need to worry cuz that’s the majority. Christmas ’10 my friends got my a pack of very low quality B-movies and this Hercules ale was the stand out ridiculous, cheesy filled and kind of a cool idea. I’ve been wanting to draw this picture for so long! And finally here it is, my Hercules a big blue behemoth demi-god about to finish off the onslaught of Flame eyed Moon Men.

And why is my Hercules blue and monstrous? Because his father is a super charged ruler of Gods and his mother a human….Uh ya I don’t think the kid would look so much like a child, with all of that God over load. Which is why most of my Demi-Gods tend to look less human and more like creatures.
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