[MMD] In Your Arms: Rescue At Sea Picture

Woah, 2 uploads so close together - must be a full moon.
Actually it snowed outside and I've been cuddled up in my blankets for two days, soo~

This was a 1 hour pose job and a 3 hour photoshop job. c: I'm really proud of the way it turned out, especially against the straight out of MMD render roflmao.
Model: Mersona, Travis
Stage: Grotto by shiruhaneÂ

Effects: Water effect, excellentshadow, SSAO, SvSSAO, G-Shader, Greenershader, plus a whole lot of photoshop mumbo jumbo. x3

I'm so in love with this picture, I've wanted to do something like this or a while, but I didn't think I was good enough at posing. I still think it could be better, but I'll revisit it then.c:

You are NOT allowed to use this artwork.

Bye everyone!

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