Isip Demonyo (Mind Demons) Concept Art Picture

(Concept art of logo, main characters and others. Sharmin happens to have a unibrow. On the middle of her forehead is not her actual hair, but extra hair between her eyebrows - which I meant to make it lighter.)

Isip Demonyo (Mind Demons) - is an urban fantasy but also subtlety satirical, and educational series about Filipino culture, politics, history and others. It averts clichés and lack of representation of other kinds of Filipino people in current Filipino media and non-Filipino media. The story mixes comedy and drama - cartooniness with real mature themes.

Summary: (I based my story on the Filipino myths of Biringan City, Bakunawa, and Sarimanok)

Set in the present: A story of a Filipino American girl, and her two Philippine born cousins - go on summer vacation at the Philippines, to discover and learn for her own self what Filipino culture is really about. But they come across people that are possessed by mind demons (manifestations of a person’s emotions/psychological problems). A shaman woman finds them, as well as other people, that can help everyone from a natural disaster. She guides and teaches them to fight, and the power of “Makiramay” (Empathy) - while she cares for a sick, but secretly mystical rooster. Harnessing that knowledge and power, she and her friends will help others confront themselves, to deal with their problems, by psychologically fighting the mind demons.

Characters: Empaths - “Someone who can sense others’ emotions - is what the main characters are. Well all humans, animals, and even some objects do have and can sense “Makiramay” (Empathy). But only the few, who can actually channel Makiramay, can use it to its full potential. They can manipulate/control their own mind demons – to become their Makiramay weapon. They resemble traditional Filipino weapons.

They also learn and use Filipino martial arts and dances to help them fight physically against other people, and psychologically fight against mind demons. They carry practical, mostly harmless weapons, as carrying real ones is impractical in today’s world. Which is a part of Filipino martial arts, that you use any ordinary object as a weapon.

They all have “nicknames”, as some Filipinos like giving nicknames to each other.

“Bearcat” Beatrix - Main protagonist, the American born Filipino girl – she’s stubborn and insecure, but she still tries her best. She carries a trash bin lid. Makiramay Weapon: “Kalasag” (Shield)

“Buddha” Buddy - Big brother to Marcus and Beatrix’s cousin – is a peace -loving guy, and a friend to everyone. Likes to spend time alone to himself with nature. But, it’s actually because he feels bad, that he thinks he’s too boring to people. He carries a wooden club. Makiramay Weapon: “Tabak” (Sword)

“Macaque” Marcus - Little brother to Buddy and Beatrix’s cousin - he feels intensely as he is righteous. An ace at fighting and gymnastic skills, despite having a prosthetic leg. He has that, since he and Buddy’s family originally lived in a poor neighborhood, where there was pollution. His mother was ill, and had to be born prematurely. He developed a problem with one of his legs, and it had to be amputated. He carries a Yo-yo. Makiramay Weapon: “Panggiik” (Flail)

“Shade” Sharmin - An Islamic Filipino adult woman - she helps run a store, and is a student. Quiet, yet her actions speak louder than words. She carries a broom. Makiramay Weapon: “Sibat” (Spear)

“Rizzo” Rizalia - A non-binary adult - is smart, efficient, and outspoken about their individuality and societal problems. Jose Rizal is their idol. A police officer in training. They carry a handgun with rubber bullets. Their friends gave them their nickname, because they reminded them of a character in Grease, Betty Rizzo. Also Muppet Rizzo, since they have a rat tail. Makiramay Weapon: “Pana” (Bow and Arrow)

Marya - A Negrito girl - she’s innocent and generous of her famous holy powers, to grant anyone’s prayers or wishes. But she’s ignorant of some its consequences. A Catholic Filipino couple found her as an orphan, and adopted her. Her powers brought fame and made her family rich. She carries a cross. Makiramay Weapon: “Mga Pakpak” (Wings)

Mind Demons - are manifestations of a person’s emotions/psychological problems. They can be in any form: person, animal, or object. Since emotions can change, mind demons can change appearance, size, or temperament, depending on what the person feels. It also indicates how intense their emotions are/how severe their problems are. Some resemble Filipino mythical creatures.

Babaylan - A mysterious shaman lady - who foresees a natural disaster to happen, by the myth of Bakunawa the sea serpent, and its sister a sea turtle.

Sarimanok - A mythical bird, that is the proud symbol of the Philippines.

Animation/Art Style: Think of the animation, art style, ideas, and tropes of 70′s/80′s/90′s/2000′s cartoons - the sketchiness and thick lines, with non-moving patterns (think Chowder by C.H. Greenblat)…

with Photoshop edited or traced/painted over backgrounds from real photographs of areas and things in the Philippines - to lessen time and money. (look at A Fox in Space - my spark of inspiration)

Even liking that characters would be drawn off model. I want it to look like a collage, and be true to it’s original form. Everybody says nobody’s perfect. But I believe imperfection is fitting here. Some Filipinos, can be very demanding of perfection. And creativity, individuality, and honesty isn’t encouraged as much.

The ideas of inspiration may not be original to people who already know much of Filipino culture, history, and mythology. But, this series is for people who are Filipino and not Filipino, that don’t know a lot of Filipino culture, history, and mythology - as to inspire curiosity and interest to learn more about it - with a realistic and relatable story and characters – presented in a simple way, but underneath there’s layers of complexity.

I wish to collaborate with aspiring Filipino/Filipino American animators and artists, to make this dream project come true. I feel as a Filipino American - I have conflicting thoughts, and difficult emotions, that’s hard for me to convey to my family. To me, making this into an animated series (I don’t know how long) can help deal with that. Also, I don’t think I have the skill, time, and software to refine my ideas in the best way, that others can.

Message me if you want to help. I would like some suggestions of ideas; information on Filipino culture, politics, history, language; criticism; maybe changes to the designs; or even talk about your opinions, thoughts, feelings of being Filipino American or immigrant. It can make good plots/themes for possible episodes, and character depth or development.

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