Greek - official ref Picture

; Gore
; Sexual themes

Name ;
Gender ; Female
Age ; 23 seasons (9 months)
Breed ; Greek Wolf / Egyptian Herder (wolf hybrid)
Pack ; ....
Birth Pack ; Olympus Pack
Sibling ; Artemis

Personality ;
Greek is a very loving canine, she has much love for the world around her, and doesn't like to be sad.
She has a happy attitude and lots of energy. She's extremely loyal for her friends, and doesn't expect anything in return for her kind acts.
She is prideful to be who she is and holds herself high, but doesn't think herself higher than anyone else. She has obtained a feisty streak from her sister,
and tries to be just a fearless as she thinks she is. She wants to be strong, and not be held back by her past.
She a very happy and lovable wolf hybrid.
she has a light limp in her hand leg from an old injury, and has bad hip pains from time to time, which makes her grumpy and angry when others ask her about it.
Or when she can't do what she wants to.

About Olympus Pack ;
Olympus pack is a wolf/dog pack BASED off greek mythology. And is altered to suit the packs needs and roots, it's characters are NOT actually the greek gods and goddesses.
Their characters, and design belong to me, they may feature the same names, maybe a few traits, but this pack belongs to me. If you don't understand what I'm saying, tell and ask me.

Her Story ; who said it had to be history

Greek was born to a Guardian, Catra was her name. She bore a glowing white pelt, with cream colors, and black lining her eyes to a perfectly royal look. Zeus, a handsome dark ash wolf, with pale browns, whites and silvers covering his body, he was the stunning leader of the pack. She was the runt of three. Her siblings, Thena and Nile, both wonderfully bred pups. Greek is a more dog build, being a bit more 'stumpy' than her eldest sister. She's quite wiggly as well, shaking her entire body when she's happy.

Greek always kept a distance from her older sister, being that she was very
frightened of her odd behavior. She never knew why Artemis didn't like her. But soon, spent time with her after Artemis fell in love with a wolf. She spent most of her time in the territories orchard, and played in the berry bushes. Catra would always bring down apples to munch on. Greek would practice throwing spears, and wearing the warriors leather armor, because she admired it. She wanted to be a fighter for quite a while. But soon found her love in the study of the nature around her. When Artemis went out to prove her growth into an adult skin. Greek felt quite alone. Despite the fact of her siblings being there for her, to play with her, she felt more of a connection with Artemis and her mother.
Winter came harshly, killing most of the new born cubs, the females who were in heat, came down with illnesses. But despite the desperate times, the pack left behind the cubs of the pack, and went up into the mountains
for the high moon meeting. Greek and her siblings were sheltered in the hidden cavern of the territory, where a strange wolf came into the cavern. Horns protruded from his skull, and his red fur was frozen into spikes.
He said nothing, but came directly for Greek. Thena and Nile jumped ahead, and attacked the stranger, but with quick snaps of his jaws, he brought the defending apprentices down. Greek attempted her attack from beneath, but was caught as her tail was stuck between the teeth of the stranger. She shrieked to the pain as her bones began to crack. Thena found the strength to get up, and struck the red wolf, only to be impaled and killed by his horns. But that gave enough room, for Greek to flee. He shook the body of Thena loose from his horn, and gripped Greek by the back of her neck, and turned her onto her back. To torture her, the strange canine ripped Greek's tail off cleanly, and pilled the dead bodies onto the runt, and taunted her. Artemis came in, and saved Greek from her death, and later revealed that she was once good friends of the wolf.
After that, she tried to explain what had happened, but she was always shunned. Only Catra and Artemis were truly caring and believed.

Later on, Greek was framed for the murder of two pack wolves, and sent into exile, banished from her home.
And she was told, if she ever returned, she would be bred for cub soldiers and then slaughtered
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