Moon Goddess -b+w- Picture

This is an older image that I was quite happy with- figure I put something in to make it so as if I wasn't entirely dead...

Now to explain said illustration; It's the cover art to my second 8-page comic piece for the yet-to-be released Art Institute of Philadelphia Comic Club anothology...

The title of the piece explains it more or less- the Moon Goddess. My comic was essentially a small folk-tale/mythology inspired story on the creation of the moon and why Wolves howl in its presence. The girl at the center represents the main character- a female human 'born' to a wolf pack, who eventually becomes the Moon, to light a world that never knew Night until a string of events quite literally forced darkness upon it. I may put up the comic after this...

My intent for this was to make something that appeared as traditionally brushed as result, I only used a sumi-e brush for its inking process...a pain, but quite worth the result.

-I'll have a colored version up a later date.

-Utensils- .05 mechanical pencil, three different sumi-e brushes and india ink.
-Working Time- 1.5 hrs. penciling, 4 hrs. inking + cleanup. Total = 5.5 hrs.

This Illustration is (c) Alfred Pangkerego
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