[SSA] Anila Seren Picture

Name Anila Seren, generally goes by "Ani" (though an old friend once called her Nila or Lila)
Age 22
Gender Female
Height 5'8"
Sailor Name Sailor Calypso
(Calypso is a moon of Saturn, though in Greek Mythology, Calpyso was a nymph and a daughter of Atlas)

Weapon Dainty gold ring, turns into a bladed boomerang

Anila's boomerang is easily maneuvered via her control over wind and air currents, though her weapon can be dangerous due to its bladed edges. While normally a ranged fighter, she can use her boomerang as a meelee weapon if she needs to.

Rank Peon
Affinity Air Currents

She can use small gusts of wind to send towards a target, and at her peak can push someone over who is standing upright. She's better at using her abilities in combination with her boomerang, as it's a permanent target and can have its direction changed due to the air currents surrounding it.


Anila is a bit of a tree-hugging hippie. She's very mellow, down to earth, and loves spending time outside and in nature. She loves long walks on the beach, hanging out in some trees, and smoking tons of weed. 'Nuff said. She is incredibly loyal, and loves to make new friends, though for someone seemingly so open, she doesn't talk about her childhood or past few years much. She would rather not be reminded. She does have a sassy side, though it doesn't usually come out unless you're egging her on. She's a very chill person overall, so there's no need to worry about her unless you plan on fighting her.


Anila was born in Melbourne, Australia, though she and her mom moved around a lot when she was young and so lived in all sorts of nooks and crannies all around Victoria. Her mother carted little Ani around looking for work and places to live, due to her father not being in the picture. They tended to stay in the most affordable housing they could get, which lead to Ani never liking to stay in one place for very long, sometimes causing strain on friendships and relationships alike. Her forced nomadic lifestyle has caused her to become quite detached at times.

However, she separated herself from her mother at the age of 17, deciding that she was better off on her own. She lived with friends and, on occasion, by herself, until she was 18. While she will claim that she still lived with different friends until recently, she was actually in an abusive relationship - which is why she tries to hide it all. She does not want anyone's pity, and she does not want to be viewed as a victim. But she still occasionally has nightmares about him, as she's still terrified after what's happened to her. For the past year she lived with a friend before coming to the academy.

Likes/ dislikes
Acoustic music, guitar, weed, cigarettes, bonfires, fruit


Cold, hangovers, meat, animal cruelty, any kind of cruelty really, controlling people


- Vegetarian
- Loves all animals tbh
- Has a tattoo on the back of her neck and one on her forearm
- Rarely wears shoes
- Free spirit
- Tree hugger
- A bittttt of a stoner
- Smokes cigarettes on occassion
- Singer-songwriter [plays guitar and sings]
- Wears a ring shaped like two arrows on her right hand at all times
- Only got dreads about a year ago, it's just straight and blonde otherwise
- Rarely wears her hair down, always has a headband in
- Usually a lover not a fighter

Obviously is
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