Kinoku (Kin) Tsuri Mojimoto Picture

This is Kin (pronounced like "keen")
He's the main character of the manga I've been developing for years. Celestial Force.
It's about the forces of the universe that keep it together. Theres a LOT of science, astrology, spirituality, ethics, philosophy, and mythology mixed in with the story. In this story. I'm not gonna post it on DeviantART cause I'm planning on making money off of it if I'm going to do that I'll have to make sure I don't put any of the story online. But I will release character bio's, info about the series and other things to give people some idea what it will be like. Now this is something I've been working on for a while. So here it is! A full bio and personal info about the main character Kin!

Name: Kinoku (Kin) Tsuri Mojimoto
Age: 16
Birthday: 10/17
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rooster
Sun Sign: Leo
Moon Sign: Libra
Rising Sign: Sagittarius
Race: Human
Ethnic Race: Half Japanese Half American.
Blood Type: A+
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Hair Color: Black With Red Ends
Spirit Incarnate: Leo Minor/Leo
Main Element: Fire
Secondary Element: Wind
Special Element: Light
Ruling Sign: Sun
Representing Gem: Ruby
Representing Metal: Gold

Physical Ability Scale From 1-10 (Human Form) 10 being the strongest/fastest or best (acording to the ability) on earth.

Physical Ability Scale From 1-20 (Spirit Form) for spirit's everything is almost tripled. So I HAD to up the amount this is still in comparison to the "human" abilitys.

Kin is an odd guy. If someone asks him how his day was he'd answer in a sarcastic way even if it was good. He's inteligent but get's average grades out of choice. He gets excited when it comes to things like adventure and leadership but that's only when someone brings it up. Most of the time he's laid-back and lets things handle themselves. He has a VERY astute sence of justice but will brush it aside easly if a friend convices him to. As a child he had very little friends, and maybe because of his father abandoning him he feals a need for companionship. If you become his friend he will do anything to keep them. At the start of the story he is considered by many to be a "Badass" though to his reletives he's a childish lover of music and sports. This is more of the "REAL" him than the "Badass." Kin's amune system is unbeleavable. He's never once goten sick. In fact his body burns off alcohol, drugs, and even cancer...Why this is no-one knows. *this is an important plot point sorry no spoilers*
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