Raimu Katsui 'Kindle' (Bio) Picture

(Another long information ahead...)

Raimu Katsui, a kasha imp born from a combination and amalgamated ideas... starting from the common Kasha folklores and Greek fire from greek mythologies. He is at first started out as inspiration from my dear friend's series and a strong silent type... but gradually has stolen my same friend's heart (who adores cute kitten videos), and Kindle himself slowly comes off as a puerile child who held the global view with utmost consideration and importance.
He is an another cat character that goes along with the schemes of Yoshiko [belonging to JCS], being based on the Kalos Pokémon Espurr [who will later evolve into Meowstic] with the inclusion of 'Phantom Ember' coloration from Paper Mario.
That being said. . . I have not much else in the matter, so on with the bios.
Name :
Raimu Katsui.
Alias :
" Kindle ", as he is now known, especially by Sukanku.
Race :
A kasha yokai and an imp(familiar).
D.ate O.f B.irth :
P.lace O.f B.irth :
Age :
Both 10 years old as a human before and yokai after, a total of 20.
Height :
3'9" as a former human but 2'0.5" as a yokai now.
Weight :
76 lbs. as a boy, now as a spirit he is weightless.
Blood Type :
AB as a boy, has no blood as a cat spirit, none.
Eye Color :
Flawless emerald with white pupils, now all bright yellow.
Hair Color :
Light Brown as a kid, Lime Green as a kitten.
Weapon :
None, but uses cymbals to ward the small curse.
Fighting Style :
None, prefers not to fight... but can use 'shadow claw' and 'ember' moves...
Relatives :
Friends :
Sukanku and Yoshiko.
Rivals :
None, not very competitive in nature.
Hobbies :
Roleplaying, Serving Sukanku, wandering to places.
Values :
Trust and Faith, the beanie and neckerchief, Alone Time.
Likes :
Sukanku, Milk, Close Friends, Yoshiko, Friends of Friends, Freedom in general.
Dislikes :
Salty Seafoods, Murderous people, jumpscares and sudden fright, illnesses, funerals, negative emotions.
Personality [ + ] :
Patient, Softy, Diplomatic, Dedicated, Loyal, Adaptable, Noble, Cool-headed and reasonable.
Personality [ - ] :
Sensative, Secretive, Predictable, Hesitates easily, Hardy, Indecisiveness, Odd, Loner.
Personality Overall :
A sweet person who avoids nasty encounters when possible. And while different than the impulsive Sukanku, he serves like a dedicated advisor and a team player. Timid.
Occupation :
Currently looking for a job as a bartender assistant, serves to Sukanku only.
Alignment :
Lawfully Neutral, chaos is too much for him...
Fears :
Other Kashas, taller people, the unknown,
Powers :
Small Telepathy and a skilled necromancer, only summons his own former body.
Miscellaneous :
Suffers high fevers for eternity, diagnosed with Dysthymia... doesn't smile much and a small mouth.
Bio: (sorry for the hesitation :l . . .)
Raimu Katsui is a lonely boy without much history, largely due to him being widely ignored by everybody else... he is born without relation and there is no connection to anyone he is related to... (at least not yet). As he grew up, he wondered around place to place and always seems interested in weird gadgets people play... and feels how it feels to be left alone in just about anyone's presense and shadows.... he understand how one character donning the green "L" cap feels... the one on a box cover art with a haunted mansion in a place filled with avid players and plenty of electronics and guides...
Raimu grew up with no one and always roleplays with himself, pretending to be a famous lodestar on a quest to defeat a shadowy dragon, a boy in a baseball cap on a journey to stop an evil alien, and few more examples... the two characters he like the most happens to wear green... a fairy boy who holds absolute courage... and a "L" capped man with an excellent mustache.

Not necessarily a 'gamer' , but enjoys watching someone playing it.
Throughout his short lifetime, he only felt as he is being watched, as in not a flattering way... being very cautious about any presense in the vicinity before doing his merrymaking or taking a leave...
His goals in life is to be a bartender assistant, to help polish the glasswares and to mingle with the crowd... to finally have talents, to finally have someone to relate to and be his friend. . . But this fails as not much people awknowledge his existance... and ignored his advances...
This could mean he can pickpocket anyone or steal and get away with anything he ever wanted , but.. . ... .. he never did... He wouldn't abuse his sad circumstances, it wouldn't work well with his steadily decreasing heart rate.

He died of loneliness.

His self-awareness was gradually disappearing... the darkness around him began to envelop around and removing the light... And he could see the creatures of the other world calling out on him.... and before he knows it, he was next to another person under the tree... out on the full moon... this person was still... very still... bearing features Raimu felt he could've saw somewhere. . . And it strucked him.

This person was his body, his young dead body that is somehow bigger than himself. He tried to take his body to somewhere private, but found it difficult to understand the situation. Upon reexamining himself he discovered that he is a flaming appendage of a kitten, ghastly green and giving of subtle lighting... yet not setting environment around him on fire or dwindling in size from the cold rain.

It took years of getting use to... he is small compared to regular folks his age back than... and can read minds of local household cats... possesing abilities to perform supernatural things... but most importantly... move the dead... his own dead...
Everyday... he reconciles himself by having his corpse [wrapped in mummy-like wrappings so he wouldn't see how 'decomposed' his body is... it worries him] act as a friend, who would only nod and give impressive silent speeches...

He left his home country as it was endangered of other yokai activities, mostly by other Kashas who sees him as an oddball of the bunch. After a sea voyage, he met a teal cat yokai whome he bumped into and apologized about his 'poor' behavior before running off, fearing as "they" are still on the hunt for him.

Couple of years has passed by... he felt like a wondering soul who is looking for non-existent reasons to LIVE for... it is not getting better for him... the fever he died with has clung on to him... and he still suffers it as a spirit. He wondered if spooks like him can get sicknesses, or if there was a reason why he was still around on the living, breathing Earth. He reevaluated his own life, his own philosopies, and his goals... before he comes to a conclusion, he is met by a black fox with a bewitching aroma, inviting Raimu closer and closer... before he knew it,

He was too uncomfortably close to her... towering him by a good amount... to his relief she was friendly fox who introduced herself as Sukanku, a part skunk kyuubi who had watched him for about 5/8 of his overall lifespan on earth, the one responsible for partial resurrecting him and offered him a position as small servent. Seeing he must return a favor, and finally have SOMETHING to work for as experience. . . He took up the position...

By this point he is more of a close friend to Sukanku than a 'Jack-of-all-trades' type of butler...
Recieving his very first nickname as "Kindle" from her...
And sees her as an idol, ensuring he gives full efforts an and genuine advices to the sly skunk, with Sukanku enjoying his Strawberry base dishes and cuisines. Despite his cowardice to anyone bigger or scarier... he will stick around to the very bitter end when Sukanku is around, surviving desperate rounds more than Sukanku has in a same battle... and Sukanku is far more experienced than him.

Sometimes in life, it takes more than dedication, and it takes more than the patience,
It sometimes takes faith to finally surmount the impossible, so thought the cat.


As expected, today I was busy from cleaning up the house from the party and taking care of my agility examination... and cooking dinner. The boy on the left is Kindle's former self... a boy who is invisible from the general public, a boy who has caught Sukanku's attention... but has died due to loneliness and possibly high fever striking at his heart. My buddy friend JCS adored him for sympathetic reasons... mentioning he gives resemblance to one another character of mine in terms of troubled history. .. if behaviorally different.
I'm sorry if the picture looks like a sore thumb... originally I was going to draw in skeleton, the inhabitant corpse of himself and possessed version of former self if he so choose to reunite his soul with his body... after all, cat yokais are skilled with the dead.
I couldn't draw the additional because I'm not good at anatomy of bones... and more characters in one picture.

(Sorry about the confusing backstory...)
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