The True Colors Of Celeste Picture

You remember the original sketch of the OC I made to be Ilana's mother, Celeste? Well, I came up with this cooky idea to make her a goddess in Tarantu mythology that fell from Seishin Ra and disguised herself as a Galalunian to stay with the new king (Riktor) who she fell in love with.

I renamed her Celeste Rae and she is the daughter of the highest Tarantuan deity, Ilana Rayana. She is the goddess of the three moons and stars of Galaluna and the guardian of the whole planet. I did this because I came up with the idea that the original Galalunians were barbaric elf tribes that migrated to Tarantu after being invaded by foreign aliens of another race. (Tarantu learned the ways of the new Galalunians and became civilized so the barbaric Tarantuans migrated and intermarried with a foreign barbaric elf nation which became Celu). Anyway, she felt bad one day when she saw a barren couple of Galalunian descent in Tarantu and so she went to her mother and asked to leave Seishin Ra to give them a daughter since she wanted to see the common elves and aliens. Her mother allowed her and she transformed into a Galalunian baby with blonde hair and dark eyes. The couple found her on their doorstep and they instantly fell in love with her. She grew up in this facade and kept the same name even though she promised to return home after her nineteenth birthday.

After she turned seventeen, her host parents decided to go to Galaluna to see the crowning of the new king so she decided to tag along with them. At the crowning, she bumped into the new king and she followed him and talked to him. Soon he fell for her and asked her to live in the palace with him. She told him to ask her parents so he did so and they let her stay with him as long as they slept in different rooms until they married. Riktor brought her to the palace and there she fell in love with him but she still felt guilty that she was technically lying to him and he fell for her facade not herself. After she moved in, she befriended Haydin, Edward, and even Modula. Then one night after she turned eighteen, Riktor proposed to her and she said yes but she still felt guilty. That same night, she went to his bedroom and showed him her real appearance. He was awestruck but he still told her that he loved her and wanted her to stay with him. But his promise to her host parents was broken that night.

They were married a few months later and her host parents came to see her get married. The morning after she was crowned queen and led to their marriage bed. Throughout that course of time, the two were inseparable and only he knew the truth of his beloved wife. The only trouble was on the dawn of her nineteenth birthday, she found out she was pregnant and got really sick. Of course, her mother wanted her back home but she refused to go back when she came back for her that night. Her mother was furious that she even got herself in that predicament but she returned back to Seishin Ra. Nine months later, she gave birth to her daughter that she named Ilana to please her mother and convince her to let her stay to see her daughter grow. Her mother came back, shocked to see her granddaughter looked more like a Galalunian than a Tarantuan, having pale skin and her mother's blonde hair, but she decided to let her stay until the child turned two and disappeared.

On the dawn of Ilana's second birthday, Celeste's spirit returned to Seishin Ra while Riktor was gone. She stayed there until the restoration of the nations of New Perlanda and Galaluna finally seeing her daughter again after thirty-five years. Now she returns every now and then to Galaluna to aid her daughter in ruling and such.

This is my Celeste rewrite! Enjoy!
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