Selene Picture

"Muses, sweet-speaking daughters of Zeus Kronides and mistresses of song,
sing next of long-winged Moon!
From her immortal head a heaven-sent glow
envelops the earth and great beauty arises under its radiance.
From her golden crown the dim air
is made to glitter as her rays turn night to noon,
whenever bright Selene,
having bathed her beautiful skin in the Ocean,
put on her shining rainment and harnessed her proud-necked and glittering steeds,
swiftly drives them on as their manes play with the evening, dividing the months.
Her great orbit is full and as she waxes a most brilliant light appears in the sky.
Thus to mortals she is a sign and a token."

This is the Goddess Selene. (Goddess of the Moon) Done for *Dianae's contest.

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This is what I have been doin if not doing my uni stuff. I've been working on this for two weeks on and off. This is the third version I did. I wasn't happy with the other two.

Please forgive me for the not so great drapery of the robes. It's better than my usual, but it could be much better.
And for the skin I used every colour possible although you can't really tell. I used a completely different work method for this and I quite like it. (it was also a first time for attempting real stars)

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