TokoStryx VS the Simurgh Picture

Artumis sat on Carnelian's back as he flew under the waning willow moon. A compound bow in her dominant hand, a modified spear in her other, and a massive cache of arrows on her back. Rider and mount scanned sky and ground for their target, though have yet to spot it. Word had come to her town that an enormous monster had been spotted terrorizing all in its wake; devouring man, beast, and bird alike. Messengers have also said that it was heading towards her town, that decided it for Artumis: she would face this monster and slay it before any of her people were hurt or killed. Suddenly a massive shadow passed over the flying pair, Carnelian looked up and made a distressed trill though quietly so as not to draw too much attention. Artumis looked up as well, and froze with fear. High above them soared their target, Artumis noticed with relief that it had not noticed them yet. Crouching close to Carnelian's back, Artumis urged him up. Stealthily, Carnelian flew so he was then above their prey: the monster still had yet to know it was being hunted. Fastening her spear to Carnelian's saddle, Artumis fitted a razor pointed arrow to her bow. Knowing his rider was now ready Carnelian tilted forward and dove at his opponent, claws forward to cut his foe to ribbons. The Simurgh had but a moment to turn its head to look in the direction of our hunters before an arrow buried itself in its muzzle and a set of re-curved claws slashed across its eye.
Battle raged through the night, to Artumis' horror her arrows had little to no affect on the Simurgh; barely so much as twitching when an extra sharp shaft pierced its hide. As Carnelian wheeled about to dodge the Simurgh's snapping jaws something thumped against Artumis' leg: her spear! "Perhaps this will make the naughty monster flinch." Artumis thought wickedly.
The Simurgh snarled at these annoying peasants, and lunged to catch them in its jaws and crush them. Carnelian swooped above the attack with a smirk on his beak, Artumis sat upright on her mount's back spear in hand. With a huff the woman threw the sharpened, barbed, seven foot rod of steel at her opponent. The Simurgh bellowed in agony, the spear plunged deep into its eye, blood streamed from the wound. Artumis tugged up on her mount's saddle, Carnelian rose quickly as the Simurgh thrashed its head about to dislodge the painful obstruction in its eye. Artumis put an arrow with a grenade attached to the tip and waited for her chance. The Simurgh threw back its head and bellowed again, Artumis drew her bow back and aimed for the monster's open mouth. "time to blow this motherfucker's brains out." Artumis said coldly, and loosed her arrow.
The Simurgh was still for a moment, a scorched cavity in the back of its maw, then dropped from the air like a stone. Its corpse crashed onto the ground with a sound like a thunderclap and an earthquake combined. Artumis and Carnelian sighed relief, it was over. For now...


The first, and hopefully not last of a new series of mine: TokoStryx VS.
In this series my Tokota(s) and Dracostryx will be pitted against various mythical monsters alongside their handlers/riders.
Update times for this will largely be in the air until I settle into a good routine with my art so please have patience.
Who fighting what of my TokoStryx cast will be mostly viewer suggested (and I must insist on creatures that have some reference in historical mythology, see this list -->… ideas, so no creatures from other ARP groups to satisfy your own petty hatred and no made up beasties strictly from video games TV and other modern media.) but if an idea strikes my fancy outside of popular suggestion I will act on it first, then upon popular viewer suggestion.

List of Available Participants
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